Who’s behind The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs?

Apple Store“Ask 10 folks in Silicon Valley for their favorite post from The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, the satirical blog by an anonymous writer channeling Apple’s chief executive, and you’ll likely get 10 different answers,” Peter Burrows writes for BusinessWeek.

Burrows writes, “Since Secret Diary was started last year, the daily stream of such entries has made Fake Steve Jobs, or FSJ for short, required reading in Silicon Valley and beyond. It has quickly become Jon Stewart’s Daily Show for the tech set. FSJ not only manages to hit many of the topics of the day, but its unfiltered satirical voice lets techies revel in their never-ending fascination of their own industry, and be entertained at the same time.”

“FSJ has zealously guarded his (or her) identity since the blog was started. But now, as his popularity has soared, the guessing game over the author’s true identity has grown almost as entertaining as The Secret Diary itself. It’s a blend of the search for Watergate’s Deep Throat with the speculation over the authorship of Primary Colors, the fictional-but-oh-so-accurate account of a Clintonesque White House in the early 1990s,” Burrows writes. “The guesses are all over the map. Tech journalists and former Apple marketing staffers are popular choices.”

“More than one person has suggested the writer could be Jobs himself, as if he has the spare time,” Burrows writes. “…The world may not have to wait much longer, however. According to one source, FSJ may unveil his identity as early as this week, possibly in connection with the announcement of a book deal… The real Steve Jobs did not return messages seeking comment, so it isn’t known who he suspects—or even what he thinks of the blog.”

Full article, including a slide show of memorable postings from The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs here.

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  1. bdb
    I've never read "The Secret Diary" but I sure do miss "As the Apple Turns." Does anyone know whatever happened to Jack Miller?
    I too miss AtAT; I only recently deleted my bookmark for it. It’s still online, so anyone not familiar with it can amuse themselves with the archives.

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