Undergrads’ most wanted employers: Apple Inc. #3

Apple Store“Public service or stock price: These were the two features undergraduates overwhelmingly gravitated toward in naming their ideal entry-level employer, according to newly released results of Universum Communications’ 2007 Most Desirable Undergraduate Employer ranking,” Lindsey Gerdes reports for BusinessWeek.

“The top five include two government agencies, the U.S. State Dept. (No. 4) and the Peace Corps (No. 5); two profit- and buzz-generating innovators, Google at No. 1 and Apple at No. 3; and a media conglomerate, Walt Disney at No. 2,” Gerdes reports.

Full article, including a slide show of undergraduates’ top 25 most wanted employers, here.


  1. M= 1,000

    When I used to by Corrugated Boxes, the supplikers would quote them by the thousand-
    I always wondered why they would use “M: instead of “K”.

  2. “Check out Apple’s Market Cap! It’s closing in on 100B rapidly!

    It won’t be long before it overtakes 1/3 the size of Microsoft in terms of Market Cap either.. MSFT is very stable at around 295B. Check out the number of employees too! MSFT has over 70M, where as Apple is under 17M, being very light and agile.”

    I just want it to double Dells market cap. Closing in on that. MSD show hold a contest to see who can guess the date and time. Maybe give away a Mac Mini or something

  3. Fluoride: “What about Quizno’s?”

    I fell back in my chair laughing from your comment, after having just read the RoughlyDrafted.com article comparing Apple to Sun (and its “new” mobile-OS rival to the iPhone).

  4. Evidently none of these people have discovered what a lousy employer Apple is. Apple store employees, especially geniuses are treated like dirt. No raises. No bonuses. Frozen salaries. No contrrol over schedules. No advance information on work schedules. Why should technical centers be run by managers from the clothing industry? “Shirt folders” as Apple employees call them.

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