The full horror of Windows Vista

Apple Store“So far, Transit has been using Vista Business full-time for a fortnight. And so far, we’ve found nothing that works better than in Windows XP, dozens of things that are annoyingly different without being a functional improvement, and several things that work at best intermittently and at worst not at all. On the whole, we wish we’d never moved,” Angus Kidman reports for iTWire.

MacDailyNews Take: We know something that works far better than Windows XP: Apple’s Mac OS X. You shouldn’t have moved, you should’ve switched.

Kidman reports, “We should point out at the start that we migrated to Windows Vista under supposedly optimal circumstances. We waited for a few weeks before even thinking about it, so that we’d avoid any early release showstopper bugs. We purchased a machine from a prominent manufacturer (Lenovo) with Vista pre-installed, so we could avoid the upgrade nightmares that have plagued everyone else we know who’s been forced to shift to Vista… And we’ve deliberately kept the installed software on the machine to a minimum, to minimise the chance of an incompatible application blowout.”

Kidman reports, “For starters, it’s hideously slow — notably slower than our previous machine, despite the fact that the new model has twice as much memory and a much faster processor… The lack of anything approaching basic network functionality is our biggest complaint… We’ll give credit to Microsoft support for trying hard, but if you can’t get basic IP working in 2007, something pretty fundamental is going wrong.”

Kidman reports, “Outside of the basic functionality issues, there are dozens of minor changes that haven’t done anything to improve our productivity… We could go on — about the stupid interface in Windows Explorer, the non-existent search functionality, the arbitrary changes to menu names, even the horrible font choices. But the bottom line is that if we had shares in Microsoft, we’d be demanding changes more extensive than those that came between XP and SP2 to give this dog of a product any chance in the marketplace.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Rack up yet another stellar Windows Vista review. Microsoft should be ashamed, but they won’t be; instead, they’ll just pump up the ad budget for their latest mess and spend the next 5+ years trying to patch it.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Island Girl” for the heads up.]


  1. about the stupid interface in Windows Explorer, the non-existent search functionality

    I used Vista about a week after it came out.. one of my classmates got a brand new Dell and .. as the Mac user, I was showing him all the stuff that was cool in Vista.. I saw the search bar and I was showing him how easy it was.. to.. use..

    Sorry, they had a couple years to oogle Tiger and they still got it wrong. It’s not fast enough and it doesn’t give you what you want to see. A joke. Still feels like work

  2. “Folks who use their computers with the feeling of being inseprable from MS and anti-Mac mind-set deserve the negative computing expreience they get.”

    Amen brother!

    Let them live in hell! They deserve it for their pathetic ignorance alone.

  3. > something pretty fundamental is going wrong.

    Windows is fundamentally flawed. That about sums it up. It’s not going to be fixed with the first service pack. THIS is what Microsoft and Windows users are going to have to live with for the next five years.

  4. “I can’t wait for them to keep asking me how to use Vista & fix something when they don’t know what has gone wrong (assuming anything does go wrong!)”

    I second that. My friend went with a pee see because of price, two days later he needs help with his “people pc” account. lol

    MDN “magic word” simply: as in Macintosh is simply irresistible.

  5. Well with a quality brand of PC like Lenovo, I can’t imagine why Vista isn’t working properly. It’s not like Lenovo is a bottom-of-the-barrel chinese slave labor box assembler…oh wait.

    I have a brand new Sony Vaio with Vista (it’s for work) and while it is dog slow at file operations (copy, paste…especially over a network), it at least works semi-properly and only crashes like once a week. I’ve heard nothing but horror from people who have bought Lenovo PCs with Vista, since Lenovo didn’t do shit to make their drivers or utilities compatible with Vista before releasing PCs with Vista installed. But what the fuck are people thinking when they buy a new PC from Lenovo? That’s like buying an eMachine and being surprised when it’s shitty.

  6. In a related story Microsoft announced today the debut of
    HyperSonic Chair 1.0. Said to be authored by Steve Ballmer himself the new game creates virtual chairs on screen and launches them at hypersonic speed. Hapless Microsoft employees are the targets in the game. It’s a first person shooter in a sense except in the interface there is large pink object that flaps in front of the viewer during game play, obscuring the field of vision.
    In a nod to personal hygiene, enormous sweat balls also drop in front of the viewer making chair aiming more difficult. Various chairs are available from a simple folding chair all the way up to
    a sofa sleeper. Available for XBox 360 June 1st.

  7. Will anybody ever be able to measure the full horror of Windows ? (shudder)

    Why bother?

    When some horrors are bad enough, you either:

    1. Pack up, abandon the area, and move to someplace better. Or:

    2. Bulldoze the wreckage and start completely over.

    One is in users’ hands, the other in Microsoft’s. Wonder which will happen first…

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