NPD: Apple #5 in desktops, #4 in notebooks, #1 in MP3 player U.S. unit share

Apple Store“The following tables list the top retail computer hardware sales for the month of Jan. 2007. The tables are ranked by total dollar volume and unit share in descending order,” Phillip Cruz reports for Bloomberg.

The NPD Group’s top U.S. retail computer hardware sales for the month of March 2007:

(rank, company, unit share)
1. Toshiba – 26.2%
2. Hewlett Packard – 23.9%
3. Gateway – 13.0%
4. Apple – 9.9%
5. Compaq – 8.5%

(rank, company, unit share)
1. Hewlett Packard – 35.0%
2. Compaq – 16.7%
3. Gateway – 16.6%
4. Emachines – 16.4%
5. Apple – 7.7%

(rank, company, unit share)
1. Apple – 68.9%
2. Sandisk – 11.2%
3. Creative Labs – 3.6%
4. Microsoft – 2.5%
5. Samsung – 2.2%

Source: The NPD Group.

Full article with more product categories here.
NPD’s figures are for retail channel sales only and do not include direct sales, warehouse clubs, Apple Retail Stores, the Apple Store online, Wal-Mart, or Amazon, among others. Add those retail outlets’ sales into the mix (especially America’s best retailer, Apple’s retails store network) and one could reasonably assume that Apple’s unit shares are even higher. As with every incomplete measure, what matters are the trends shown, not the actual unit share numbers.

For January 2007, NPD pegged Apple at 10.1% unit share in laptops, meaning that sales held up well in the channel sales measured by NPD through a traditionally soft quarter for Apple, with laptop share remaining basically flat; Apple was not in the top five in desktops for January, so we do not know the share percentage, but we do know that it was less than then #5 Lenovo’s 8.2%; in “MP3” players for January, Apple stood at 72.7%, Sandisk at 8.9%, Microsoft at 3.2%, Creative Labs at 2.9%, and Samsung with 2.0%. Apple, Creative, and Microsoft seem to have lost some measure of share to SanDisk while Samsung remained relatively flat.


  1. Dell’s sales, none of which are in the retail channel, exceed Apple’s for both Laptops and Desktops.
    Compaq is part of H-P and does not deserve its own slot.
    Emachines uses only the retail channel and focuses on low-cost systems so they may be below the Apple total in dollar value.

    Incomplete information requires much more than just the ability to follow trends – even if the trend favors your favorite.

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page Pod Cast

  2. “Emachines uses only the retail channel and focuses on low-cost systems so they may be below the Apple total in dollar value.”

    What I would really like to see is a list by profit margin. Dell wouldn’t even rate.

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