Mini ‘Apple Stores’ opening now at Best Buy

Apple Store“With all the news going around the web on other Mac-centric websites about forthcoming retail Apple Stores debuting across the nation–whether they’re opening soon or currently being constructed–there’s one place where Apple’s been beefing up their presence in a significant way,” Joe Leo reports for PBCentral.

Leo reports, “Best Buy is selling Macs once again. In recent weeks (to this columnist’s observations, who is a weekly visitor to said store, so consider it “fact”), the spaces/sections reserved exclusively for Apple products in-store have received a major makeover.”

“The makeover is so major that when you first come across it, you might think you took a wrong turn somewhere. Once you step foot into the new Apple section, you might think you were magically transported to a regular Apple Store, except this one’s a mini version,” Leo reports.

Full article, with photo of a Best Buy’s Apple section, here.

MacDailyNews Note: This rollout is in progress. From what we currently understand, not all Best Buy stores will have such Apple sections. Call ahead to your local Best Buy to see if their new Apple section is up and running.


  1. How many times have we seen this before? How long before this idea bombs again because the Best Buy salespeople don’t get SPIFFS (financial incentives) for selling Apple products? I actually saw a Best Buy saleswoman recommending some third-rate MP3 player to a customer and she said that it was “rated better than the iPod”. I know for a fact that this is not true, but she got a kickback for recommending that MP3 player. The same thing will happen with the Apple Store within Best Buy — almost all of the salespeople are PC users, and they also get commissions for recommending PCs. This is why Apple built their own retail stores right — no commissions for the salespeople so you can get honest advice. But an Apple Store within Best Buy? This is destined to fail yet again.

  2. Totally in 100% agreement with MacBill.

    Employees have to care and at Best Buy they dont. Hell – you think Apple would know that by now.

    This is destined to fail yet again. Good call MacBill.

  3. The local MicroCenter keeps “All Things (strictly) Apple” in a single room, as they do PCs, peripherals, reading matter and “the rest”. You walk into that room and you have a couple folk from sales who are Mac users and who can help you with most minor problems or questions – major ones being referred to either the Tech Dept or Apple itself. That’s about 5% of the store devoted to Apple, with Mac-capable or related stuff elsewhere in the store.

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page Pod-Cast

  4. There are more places with Best Buys than there are Apple Stores. If the Best Buy in Bozeman, MT adds an Apple mini-store and sends out two employees for Apple store-like training this will be a great service to the community. It’s not like Bozeman can expect to get an actual Apple store anytime soon.

    This might not work in NYC of SF where people have the choice of going to a real Apple store but it’s a great boon to those in more rural locales.

  5. If they supply their own salespeople employed by Apple, fine. Otherwise, and I hate to generalize, but from experience, most of the Best Buy computer sales people are PC gamers, most of whom don’t really know that much about computers, but can certainly recommend the latest MMORPG expansion packs. I hate to have Apple products represented by such a low-class store.

  6. I was just in the Laird St Best Buy Store in Toronto last weekend and the Apple product line-up was a disaster. The iMacs and one of the Macbooks were turned off. The white keyboard was dirty and it’s space bar key pushed downward and stuck. The salesperson I spoke to was indifferent.

  7. With any luck the retail stores have helped bring us to the tipping point wherein Macs are now so in demand that they almost sell themselves in places like Best Buy so the sales pitch/interference of the staff won’t hinder sales.

  8. At my CompUSA there was at least one Apple employee in the Apple section at all times. (And he actually knew his stuff too!) If Best Buy does this, it might work.

    If Apple really wants to grow market share, these kind of initiatives are important. More exposure will translate into more sales and usually Apple Stores and Best Buy will NOT be close to each other or will attract two entirely different types of customers.

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