McCartney: Deal for digital Beatles catalog ‘virtually settled’

Apple StorePaul McCartney has told Billboard in an exclusive interview to be published tomorrow (May 11) “that a deal to finally make the Beatles catalog available for sale online is ‘virtually settled,'” Brian Garrity and Paul Sexton report for Billboard.

“Efforts to clear the Beatles-related music for digital distribution have been previously held up by a long-running trademark feud between iPod/iTunes-owner Apple Inc. and Apple Corps., the Beatles label. The two sides finally settled the dispute in February, opening the door to clear the catalogs for distribution via iTunes and other digital retailers,” Garrity and Sexton report.

Full article here.


  1. So earlier tonight my wife found a tick on the cat. We had to do the whole “hot match to the tick forcing him to back out” thing.

    But I was thinking: That’s what McCartney and the Beatles remind me of. A tick. You know . . . bloodsuckers. Except substitute “money” for “blood”.

    Hey, do ya thinka hot match’ll do the trick in McCartney’s case?

  2. Yaah, “Who Cares, except the press?” that’s a good one.

    I think some of their titles should be changed nowadays, like …

    “All You Need Is Cash”


    I want you to pay me “Eight Days a Week” … bitch!


    “I Am The Moneygrubber”.

  3. @ Jooop

    The flying car is here! Just needs the funding and a real plan for making flight realistic to the average consumer. I read an article about how with some mass production that the M400 would cost about as much as the average SUV (30K-50K US)… and it also gets MUCH better MPG then the average SUV too! The things I see really holding it back is air traffic and FAA regulations. Think I’ll do some research on that later.

    The Dude abides.

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