RUMOR: 6G touchscreen Apple iPod (iPhone sans phone) coming Tuesday?

Apple Store“An unconfirmed tip points to the possibility of an iPod update as early as tomorrow, with a touch-screen iPod taking center stage,” Think Secret reports.

Think Secret reports, “The information, which comes from an unproven source, suggests that Apple will show off the new iPod tomorrow but will hold off on shipping the device until later in June when the iPhone ships.”

“While the timetable contradicts tips passed on from more reliable sources, which have said not to expect a 6G iPod until later this year at the earliest,” Think Secret reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too numerous to mention for the heads up.]


  1. What Apple doesn’t need is a new iPod which will compete with the iPhone for components. So were Apple to introduce an iPod with an iPhone-sized display, there will be hell to pay as conventional wisdom predicts Apple will have a long and large backorder of the more lucrative communications device.

  2. Why would Apple announce the 6G iPod now when it’s not due till June? It is the complete opposite of how Apple operates. Also, who would buy an iPod between now and then if such an announcement is made?

    In related news, Toyota announces the Prius Prus +. It will be the most economical car ever produced. The gas mileage is expected to be well over 200mpg and it will cost under $10k with all options. It will become widely available in 2 months.

    In other related news, undetered by the latest announcements, crowds line up to buy the last of the “inefficient” Toyota Prius. Toyota stock price rockets to record high.

  3. Don’t look for a 6G iPod until around September, otherwise it would cannibalize iPhone sales (and vice versa) at launch. This rumor makes absolutely ZERO business sense (as do most rumors actually). Thankfully, Apple knows a lot more about how to run a business than these idiots that create senseless rumors like this.

  4. If a new model was ready and say it had touchscreen technology, would Apple release it now or after the iPhone? If released after the iPhone it could get lost in the avalanche. If released now, I don’t see it having any real effects on iPhone sales, in fact I doubt Apple will be able to keep up with demand on the iPhone anyway.
    So yea maybe it is a possibility.

  5. Why would MacDailyNews publish a completely unfounded (and ridiculous) rumor like this? There is no way in hell that Apple will release ANY major product before the iPhone ships.

  6. Not only is it unlikely in view of stealing thunder from the iPhone, but–more immediately–there has been no Apple announcement of any kind of special event. How’s the press supposed to know to show up?

    In the modern era, Apple has never introduced a major new product without an advance invitation to the media to attend its unveiling, however mysteriously phrased, or without the pretext of a trade show.

    Consider this: What’s the point of introducing something if no one is there to see it? I happily would bet my mortgage, if I had one, that this doesn’t happen.

    Think Secret genuinely is a lame operation for putting this up on their site.

  7. No way! Apple is not going to release 6G iPod anytime soon. Any competent manager for product release planning will know you should not release two flagship products that are closely related within weeks of each other. That’s just common sense because if you spread them out, you can get prolonged free advertisement from the hype and one product won’t take away any attention from the other.

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