New Apple ‘Get a Mac’ appears on TV, Web

Apple has recently started airing a new “Get a Mac” ad on U.S. TV and on Web sites. The ad highlights Windows Vista driver issues (ie, the lack thereof).

“PC” is desperately trying to get out of the ad, so he can go search for new drivers while Mac tries to calm “PC” down.

In the end, as is usually the case, the “PC” ends up doing something weird, unexpected, and utterly useless. Just when is this “Wow” supposed to start anyway?

The ad is not yet available on Apple’s website, but is available via YouTube:


  1. PC: “So Mac, I hear your OS is not so secure as your cult leader claims it is”

    Mac: “Fsck you PC”

    PC: “Yea, my Windows is more secure than your OS now, in fact the exploits on your OS greatly out number mine.” “What’s the latest count Mac? 25 plus 45 equals what 70 exploits? plus that doozy of a Quicktime/Java exploit”

    Mac: “Well, I don’t have nearly as many viruses as you PC”

    PC: “Well that might be so, but you don’t nearly have the 95% market share that I do neither, now do you”

    Mac: “touché”

    PC: “Yea, I thought so.”

  2. I got an iMac about 3 months ago and for the most part it’s been great. However, I have had 4 crashes whereby the entire computer freezes up and the only option has been to reboot. I was under the impression that apps could not bring down the OS. In one instance it was caused by parallels. Then recently, firefox and/or safari caused another crash. This is rather disturbing also because there is no event log like windows has to find the culprit. Or if there is, I don’t know where to find it. In any case, it’s a bit disappointing because the stability issue of OS X seems to be exaggerated.

  3. Speaking of ads….

    MDN if you are listening, some of your ads are getting perilously close to being NSFW. I’m sure a lot of people visit the site from work during the day, like I do, but you need to be careful about the imagery thats appearing in your banner ads, if you wish to keep getting regular page hits.

  4. @ anthony007
    This is rather disturbing also because there is no event log like windows has to find the culprit.

    guess what? usually there are only happy events on a mac… but in case we should have a rare crash, we can look in the crash log to see what happened…

    how odd!

  5. Slartibartfast, I like your name 😀

    Just like everything one can change without openening the mac is under System preferences while the rest is found via System Profiler (and software, too, again).

  6. My PC-fanboy brother-in-law just called to say he has had more freezes and BSOD in two weeks of Vista than he had in over two years of XP. He is furious because he runs his own consultancy and lost heaps of time trying to fix it and getting his documents off. His is going back to XP asap. I told him of Parallels running XP on a Mac and for the first time we had a decent Mac conversation. Often is takes an experience like this to shake these Windows fanboys.

  7. “Can you still walk into a computer store and get a fresh new copy of Windows XP?”

    Yes. I saw several dozen on display stands in various places at Circuit City.
    I felt like I had wandered onto a bad remake of The Birds.

  8. Try:

    The console will provide some error reports, though I am not certain whether that is the only place or the best place to look. In general, you should not have issues like you describe. I have had plugins to Safari cause erratic behaviour and I have had a battery malfunction that caused similarly erratic behaviour prior to being replaced.

    The support forums at will be a much better place to get advice. You are likely to just attract abuse here.

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