New Apple ‘Get a Mac’ appears on TV, Web

Apple has recently started airing a new “Get a Mac” ad on U.S. TV and on Web sites. The ad highlights Windows Vista driver issues (ie, the lack thereof).

“PC” is desperately trying to get out of the ad, so he can go search for new drivers while Mac tries to calm “PC” down.

In the end, as is usually the case, the “PC” ends up doing something weird, unexpected, and utterly useless. Just when is this “Wow” supposed to start anyway?

The ad is not yet available on Apple’s website, but is available via YouTube:


  1. Temporary distraction, this video. Only delaying the inevitable realization— don’t you know that the iPhone is pwned?! A very insightful poster on a previous thread has let us all in on this startling fact. This is a time of mourning, people. You just don’t seem to get it.

    Sad, really.

  2. bleh, finals – don’t remind me. but yeah, cool ad. interestingly, all of my hardware worked okay from the beginning when i installed vista onto my old athlon xp rig. doesn’t run terribly either. this of course does not excuse it from… well, you know, from being windows. =)

  3. it must be early in the morning, but i just don’t get this particular ad. then again, i don’t get windows (anymore) per se, perhaps it’s my happiness that keeps me doing things on my computer that i want, not things i have to do to keep it safe, running, virus-free, crash-safe… where’s my coffee?

  4. R,
    You are going to have to do better than make an oblique reference to some previous post. You’re attempt at casting aspersions while actually failing to communicate is what’s sad…. really.

  5. @new to mac: I like OmniPlan a lot. I think Merlin is really great too. I would summarize my opinion as: If user interface and usability is most important, get OmniPlan. If features and functionality are most important, get Merlin.

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