Huge Apple iPhone displays being installed in AT&T stores across U.S.

Apple StoreApple iPhone displays will soon be hitting AT&T stores across the U.S., according to The Boy Genius Report.

“Many stores will actually have to be rewired because the display demands it’s [sic] own power supply, and even requires a network cable,” The Boy Genius reports.

MacDailyNews Note: Presumably to best show off the iPhone’s Wi-Fi capability.

The Boy Genius reports, “As far as the size of the iPhone display itself, get this — 7 ft tall, and 3 ft wide!”

According to the report, many AT&T stores have already started installing the necessary power and networking systems, so the “working displays should be here within the next few weeks.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Another Irish Dude” for the heads up.]


  1. O/T: I was in a Circuit City store yesterday and they had a large sign advertising the Apple TV at the entrance. I asked the sales guy if there was a demo. He didn’t know what an Apple TV was. So, trying to be helpful, he asked the floor manager. She said, “An Apple what?” I pointed to the huge sign that you can’t miss as you walk into the store. She said she would check but decided a customer needing a Bluetooth headset was more important and wandered off. I browsed for awhile and some time later ran into the floor manager again. She suddenly recalled my question. She sputtered, “Oh yeah, we should be getting those Apple iPods in real soon.” I thanked her and left.


  2. “Many stores will actually have to be rewired because the display demands it’s own power supply, and even requires a network cable,” The Boy Genius reports.”

    Apparently the self-titled “Boy Genius” needs to go back to school and learn some third grade grammar.

    “… the display demands it’s [sic] own power supply …”

    Yep, rocket science to be able to tell the difference between “it’s” (it is) and “its” (the possessive pronoun).

    We’re supposed to listen to this guy and value what he says?

  3. No Squirt, your story I think perfectly illustrates how Apple is able to clean up in retail. Not just by cool products, but by having employees that didn’t just walk off the french fry bin at McDonnalds..

    I don’t expect people at Circut City to be experts at Apple hardware.. but for crying out loud, if they have a giant advertising thing in the front of their store and they sell the product, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for the employees to be trained to know what the products are.

    You would be very unlikely to find an Apple retail store employee who was similarly clueless.

  4. Actually, the Circuit City employees don’t want to learn about the Apple TV or any other hardware or software. That would make them more valuable and therefore eligible for layoffs since they would be making too much money. Far safer to be a warm body, but still employed.

  5. Hey iPhone – yer in Des Moines? Gonna get one when it comes out? Me and the wife have already salted away the money and plan to abandon Verizon when “the time comes.”
    I’m sick of hitting multiple buttons and such just to perform a simple command on the Motorola.

  6. Each display will be broadcasting subliminal messages from a sub-frequency generator encouraging people within a 15-meter radius to purchase an iPhone. We tested the device on Dvorak and he bought five phones until he maxed out his MasterCard! You should have seen the look on his face when he left the store and glanced into his bag, priceless. He also signed a two-year contract for each phone.

  7. Those whose first language is English and who don’t know the difference between its/it’s don’t realize how stupid it makes them appear. Writing loose for lose is even worse. They probably think its/it’s is no more important than simply a choice.

    They might know that 1 + 1 = 2. If they do, and an accountant tells them that 1 + 1 = 3 — and keeps saying it, day after day in post after post — the its/it’s, lose/loose crowd would treat the accountant with the scorn I reserve for them.

    But they don’t care, because they are too stupid to realize it’s important.

    They are blind to the fact that a missing comma or a missing apostrophe, or in either case one that is added when it shouldn’t be could turn a sentence on its head, conveying the absolute opposite of the meaning they intended to convey.

    More likely than not they’d have signatures such as “I Love Mac’s” or “I Love MAC’S,” blinking neon signs saying “I’m a moron, so don’t read this.”

    At least these serve as warnings to the rest of us.

  8. Randian, we don’t like spelling Nazis on here. Take a hike.

    MW – try, as in try and be a smart arse somewhere else.

    Case in point. You believe that everyone believes as you do because you are so dim you believe you are bright.

    You don’t know and don’t care that “try and be smart” does not[/] mean “try to be smart.” Your post is warning to the rest of us.

    Here’s a game for everyone else. He hasn’t a clue so he would never look up the meaning of “Pavlov’s dog.” Watch this space.

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