Mossberg: Apple Mac notebooks offer better built-in software than any Windows laptop

“Apple’s two laptop lines, the MacBook and MacBook Pro, are very good. They have better built-in software than any Windows laptop I’ve seen and don’t suffer from the security issues that plague Windows. And they can even run Windows software, if you need that,” Walter S. Mossberg writes for The Wall Street Journal.

Mossberg writes, “But the Mac laptops lack some features that are common on Windows portables, such as slots for camera memory cards and built-in cellular modems. And the MacBook even lacks an ExpressCard or PC Card slot.”

Full article via Mossberg’s new website here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JadisOne” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Invalid criticisms if you spend more than a second looking at it. A $19 memory card reader (USB or ExpressCard) is hardly a reason to shackle yourself with an OS-limited PC from HP, Dell, Toshiba, etc. Get a Mac. Criticizing the MacBook for lacking an ExpressCard or PC Card slot, is like criticizing a VW Beetle for not offering a tow hitch. Get a MacBook Pro if you want that slot. Apple offers two notebook lines for a reason: they are designed for different users. Both camera memory cards and broadband cellular modems are available in USB for MacBooks; if you want such things tucked safely inside a card slot, get a MacBook Pro. People who limit themselves with non-Apple notebooks lose out on a whole lot more than Mossberg’s meaningless MacBook piffles.


  1. The card reader criticism is a joke (for the reason stated by MDN), but the ExpressCard slot isn’t. While most MacBook purchasers couldn’t care less, for those few who want such a slot–say to get on a cellular carrier’s data network–this is a real issue. And comparably priced Windows laptops often DO have such a slot. I wouldn’t trade a MacBook for one of those, but it’s a fair point.

  2. I agree that the memory card slots are largely worthless and just add bulk since you can easily get a cheap USB reader, or just plug your camera in directly. However, the lack of an ExpressCard slot is a different issue. I think MacBooks should include one as well since comparably priced PCs do have them.

  3. Considering how the argument is often made that Apple’s products are slightly more expensive that PC equivalents due to the number of standard features not included in barebones PC’s, I think Mossberg’s (usually a Mac cheerleader) comments are very valid. Particularly on the ExpressCard and PC card slots; the same is true for the lack of PCI slots on the iMac; something that’s always frustrated me, even though they’re terrific machines. When someone like Mossberg criticizes Apple, you know it’s with reluctance…His article is very fair.

  4. Come on MacDailyNews, grow up, the lack of an express card slot on the MacBook is a legitimate criticism. I have a MacBook and I wish it had an express card slot. I agree there is little need for memory card slots as there are a multitude of small, inexpensive card readers available.

  5. I don’t think MDN understands that criticism can be constructive, which is usually the case with Mossberg’s criticisms. There is always room for improvement in every Apple product. Recognizing these things is the first step in making better products.

  6. Jack, One Guy, et al:

    Criticizing the MacBook for lacking an ExpressCard or PC Card slot, is like criticizing a VW Beetle for not offering a tow hitch. Get a MacBook Pro if you want that slot.

    MDN is right, you are all wrong.

    If you’re so stupid as to buy a notebook without a slot when you want a slot, don’t blame Apple – especially as they offer a notebook line with slots.

  7. Gosh, Jack, One Guy, and immature, don’t you guys just LOVE that “grow up” cliche? Rat-a-tat-tat: “Grow up,” say you.

    Well, then you ought to be right at home with this response: GET A LIFE! Pop-pop!

  8. I agree- it’s a valid criticism. The idea of a laptop is portability. If you have to buy an external device for every thing you want to do, you start to lose that portability. None of Apple’s laptops offer an internal modem anymore, and none offer a PC card slot. And Mac Books have no such slot period. While Mac OS X is certainly nicer than Windows, at least for anyone visiting this site, having some expandibility in the base Mac Book would certainly make them more competitive since most other laptops in the same price range do.

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