Apple need not rush Mac OS X Leopard to market; Tiger already superior to Windows Vista

Apple Store“Do Vista’s problems represent a narrow opening of opportunity for Apple to pounce? Hardly. Apple has been working to advance Mac sales from multiple angles for years, and Microsoft has been regularly offering tepid products that present similar windows of opportunity,” Daniel Eran writes for RoughlyDrafted,

“Last years’ release of Tiger for Intel, a nearly invisible accomplishment, helped to double Mac sales over the numbers sold just two years ago. Apple continues to outmatch the growth of PC makers by a large margin, and the growth of Mac sales is now even outpacing iPod growth year over year,” Eran writes.

“While many Mac users are holding their breath for Leopard, there are not shocking limitations in Tiger that the competition is putting to shame and which demand desperate solutions,” Eran writes.

“Additionally, Vista isn’t just a simple rival to Mac OS X, but rather competes against the Mac product as a whole. Apple’s current Macs running Tiger not only offer a strong alternative to Vista PCs, but can even run Windows for the users who have a need for that,” Eran writes.

Eran writes, “Microsoft simply doesn’t compete directly against the Mac. Instead, it is left sitting on the sidelines cheering on Dell and HP, both of which have been outpaced in growth by Apple.”

“The idea that Apple needs to rush to release Leopard in order to have something to position against Vista is simply a fallacy. It would be a mistake for Apple to push out Leopard early and gain the reputation of putting unfinished products in the hands of customers,” Eran writes.

Eran writes, “While I’d like to have Leopard running on my Mac, I’d rather have a frustration free experience with Tiger now and look forward to a solid release of Leopard later in the year…”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “RadDoc” and “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]


  1. the delay of Leopard shows what a non issue Vista is.

    I think it’s a great slap to the face of Gates by Jobs.

    “We are not scared of Vista.”

    I agree with the author of the article. If it was an issue Apple would push Leopard out the door on schedule.

  2. I think Apple shouldn´t lower its standard of performance, or just get lucky just because MS blew it again.

    By standards of performance I mean at least the following:
    a) Announce products when they are available
    b) No delays on products

    This seems to be changing, yes I know Apple does better than MS, but to compare to MS is to use a lower standard of performance.
    just my 2 cents…

  3. I agree with the article. Then again, running a PPC machine, I wasn’t in a great big hurry to run out and buy 10.5 anyway.

    If Apple rushed through its arse to strip features off of an OS and ship a buggy product just to meet an arbitrary deadline, they’d be….Microsoft.

    I prefer to think of Apple as that Gallo commercial with Orson Welles: “We will ship no wine before it’s time.”

  4. @Dl

    or maybe it’s because Vista is so weak Apple thought it was OK to delay it a little further to help promote the iPhone.

    On the off chance Vista was a stronger product they may well have released Leopard

  5. Good article.

    While I concur that Leopard should not be rushed, it should also not be late – again. I hope that Apple has given itself the real time that it needed to get it down right because another delay will be perceptual challenge for Apple, more from a new or considering-switcher pov, but a challenge none the less.

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