Apple overhauls ProCare, adds One to One, Personal Shopping services

Apple StoreApple today overhauled and adjusted certain retail services:

• Personal Shopping: The best way to learn about, and test drive new products, is with a face-to-face shopping appointment at the Apple Store. Pick a time online, come into the store, and we’ll be here with all the help and information you need. Personal Shopping is a whole new way to shop at the Apple Store. A free service where you and a dedicated Mac Specialist explore and test-drive products to find out which ones are best for you. We know the store can be busy, so when you’re ready to talk, Personal Shopping is a way for us to give you our undivided attention.

• One to One: There’s no better way to learn more, or learn it faster, than with One to One personal training sessions at the Apple Store. Our trainers — experts in all things Apple — create a program customized to your level of experience. You can choose individual sessions covering everything from getting started on a Mac to making more out of your memories. Or explore any topic you like. All for just $99 per year. Personal training sessions are designed to move at your pace and provide the support and guidance you need, whether you’re new to Mac or ready to master the latest pro software.

• ProCare: Priority support at the Apple Store. Get the service you need, when you need it most. ProCare membership starts with a complete setup of your Mac. Then stay up and running with premium benefits like same-day service at the Genius Bar, Rapid Repairs, yearly tune-ups, and more. All for just $99 per year, for up to three computers. Ask a Mac Specialist about ProCare. Your Mac will thank you.


  1. “…procare has been rather helpful for my computer illiterate mother. and by extension, me…”

    As I was reading about these programs, I thought, what a great solution for my Mom, AND me.

    I’d gladly pay $99/year to have another patient person describe yet again the concept of the desktop and all the other metaphors we use to navigate the cyber landscape. How many times have I answered the call from Mom to be her personal Mac help line. Let the one-2-one, pro-care person field the question “why isn’t it simple, it’s supposed to be so simple?!”

    Ah, the patience of Job(s)… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smirk” style=”border:0;” />

  2. yeah, ProCare used to be good (even though you still need to wait…I understand that, lots of new customers). Between ProCare and AppleCare, usually the problem was figured out. ProCare was also good because you could talk to a person for training One on One OR talk with the Genius Bar. So you got ‘training’ and ‘genius bar’ together…for $99. Yes, you could go in once a week (like the new version now…which, originally, you used to be able to go in as much as you liked) and get a One on One, but really how often did that same person ‘need’ the Genius Bar (hardward help)? And if you need help re:hardware, that should be something that ‘doesn’t’ have to come up often. I think Apple should have left well enough alone. I won’t be re-upping now because NOW you need to pay 2 X $99 for One on One & Genius Bar! You can get good info by way of Web and I will say the Apple website itself is excellent re: info. Thank you Apple for that. Anyway….sorry to see you change things this way….Why, Apple, Why????

  3. Apple is losing money on my sister’s ProCare plan. She has a regular weekly visit scheduled to help her. A weekly private tutor. An when I visited her last weekend, she asked me “So how do I turn off the iPod again?” I love her, but I pity her Genius.

  4. Wow, we’ve come a long way folks. Remember when a Mac demo was a shoddy display of a beaten up Performa pushed to the back of a shelf at Sears, represented by a sales person that didn’t know how to operate it? “Sir, what you really want is this Packard Bell, it runs Windows.” To the complainers, you must not have been around then.

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