Lawsuit charges Apple with patent infringement over iTunes Store; seeks cut of every song, iPod sold

Apple Store“A new lawsuit is charging Apple’s iTunes Store, and almost everything it touches, with overstepping the boundaries of a smaller firm’s patents,” Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider.

Malley reports, “Filed on April 24th in the now infamous Marshall, Texas court division, the 5-page formal complaint by Internet media firm Individual Network LLC alleges that Apple’s iTunes Store is violating a patent relating to targeted media delivery.”

“Individual Network effectively claims that the aspects of iTunes Store’s front-end which narrow content based on an Apple ID’s data and habits — such as the genre tabs that have appeared in the main window, or the Just For You feature — directly infringe on the patent, supposedly causing serious damage to the LLC’s business,” Malley reports.

Malley reports, “Individual Network’s complaint accuses Apple’s entire music ecosystem of profiteering from iTunes sales and points to anything which can download copies of that content, including the iPod, as contributing to the reported damage. If won under ideal circumstances, the suit would grant the plaintiff not just royalties for every iTunes song or video sold but also a “reasonable” percentage of the revenue from associated devices such as all iPods. The Apple TV and iPhone may also be subject to a future ruling.”

Full article here.


  1. I will now sue anyone who uses Tabs on folders when filing stuff in file cabnets.

    I just now realized that my patent was being used….

    What morons.

    Is there patents on breathing?

  2. These clowns never cease to amaze me. There is a reason why they are a small unimportant company – they lack, vision, talent, or anything remotely related to business savvy. Their business model is to ride (and sue) the coattails of the company they wish they could be.

  3. when you’re that good, there’s no shame in trying to take a bite of your as… i guess they have no shame … I hope that “obvious patent” law works against Individual Network or whatever their name is

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