Apple makes it official: Steve Jobs to keynote WWDC 2007 on June 11; focus on Leopard

Apple StoreApple today announced that CEO Steve Jobs will kick off its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote address beginning at 10:00am on Monday, June 11, 2007 at San Francisco’s Moscone West. At WWDC, Apple plans to show developers a feature complete version of Mac OS X Leopard and give them a beta copy to take home for final testing. Leopard is scheduled to ship in October.

The five-day event, scheduled to run from June 11 to June 15, will deliver more than 150 sessions and labs aimed at getting the most out of Leopard. The conference will also include new content to serve a wide range of developers, including Mac OS X Immersion Monday, designed to quickly get developers who are new to the Mac up to speed; a content and media track that shows developers the best ways to integrate animation, motion graphics, video, rich-media and web-based content into their applications; and dozens of hands-on labs that offer a unique opportunity to work directly with Apple engineers.

Other activities at Apple’s WWDC 2007 include:
• presentations from Apple engineers who will provide an in-depth look at Leopard, from its open source foundation to new technologies and innovations like Xcode 3.0, Dashcode, Core Animation, Time Machine, iChat Theater and more
• practical hands-on sessions where attendees can learn Apple’s own coding strategies and techniques for creating Cocoa bindings, building Automator actions and integrating iCal events into an application
• technology labs where attendees can work one-on-one with Apple engineers on topics such as Cocoa, Open GL and AJAX
• special events, including the Apple Design Awards and Stump the Experts

The five-day conference costs $1,595 per attendee, with a $300 Early Registration Discount that has been extended through May 11.

Visit Apple’s WWDC website for registration and complete session details at


  1. “Apple plans to show developers a feature complete version of Mac OS X Leopard and give them a beta copy to take home for final testing”

    secret features here we come!!!

  2. Yes, now that Vista has shipped, there should be no reason not to reveal the secrets within Leopard. The reasoning before was so that their competitor’s wouldn’t copy them… Man, come to think of it, if Apple did release the secret features, MS probably might have been, “Ohh … we need to do that, too! Stop the presses!” and perhaps postponed Vista… even more! haha.

  3. Interesting take, Cutting Edge. But – I dunno – I mean we could go after car companies for the same thing. Although I dread the possible link one could make between Hemi and – ahh – never mind. I guess I just keep cats in mind – first time the German armament connection every entered my thought process. I must be one of them innocent fools.

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