IDC: Apple Mac shows market share gains despite launch of Windows Vista

“Data just released by market research firm IDC indicates that Apple’s share of the worldwide personal computer market rose slightly during the first calendar quarter of the year, despite the simultaneous launch of Microsoft’s first major operating system upgrade in over five years,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

Marsal reports, “For the three-month period ending March, the Mac maker registered a 2.6 percent global share, up from 2.5 percent during the December quarter and from 2.1 percent during the year-ago quarter.”

“‘Due to Vista’s January 30 release and the PC sales that resulted from pent-up demand after its lengthy delay, we expected a slight sequential downtick in Mac market share,’ said Gene Munster, an analyst with investment bank PiperJaffray & Co. ‘But strong Mac sales in Apple’s March quarter enabled the company to gain share despite stronger than normal PC sales,'” Marsal reports.

Marsal reports, “The analyst expects year-over-year market share gains to continue for the Cupertino-based company on a quarterly basis, especially as it enters three quarters of significant product releases (iPhone, Leopard, new iPods) and the educational buying season (July).”

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  1. That’s impressive. The numbers are small, but to show growth in share of market while your chief competitor has introduced it’s flagship product is not typical. Bodes well for Apple.

  2. That means that Apple could have sold up to 19.23% less computers than they did and still remained with the exact same 2.1% share they had at the same time last year.

    Basically, those 288,000 (or so) “extra” computers are the ones responsible for the marketshare growth.

    Go Apple! More importantly, go Mac buyers! Keep up the good work.

  3. What percentage of the increase were due to:
    1. exclusive OS X users
    2. exclusive Windows users
    3. both OSX and Windows users

    Of exclusive Windows users what percentage are using:
    1. Windows 98
    2. Windows 2000
    3. Windows XP

    What percentage of sales were due to:
    1. MacBook Pro 15-inch
    2. MacBook Pro 17-inch
    3. MacBook
    4. iMac 17-inch
    5. iMac 20-inch
    6. iMac 24-inch
    7. Mac mini
    8. Mac Pro

    What percentage of sales were due to:
    1. previous Mac owners
    2. new Mac owners

  4. This stat is always irritating to listen to. For one, it assumes that Mac (or OSX) sales are comparable to Windows sales. They are not. Now compare Dell computer sales to Apple’s computer sales, and you have a good comparision. Just because Dell, HP, Gateway, etc etc all use Windows, doesn’t mean that the total sales of them all are comparable to Apple. Apple produces computer and entertainment hardware with software than runs on them. They are a one-package deal. If it was important that Apple increase their market share to windows, then they would open the OSX to run on all X86 hardware, which we all know is a crazy idea.

  5. The fact that in a quiet quarter Apple now sell 1.5M macs is amazing. Next quarter should be the same and then the Edu quarter in sept will be a blow out. Hopefully at least 2M maybe 2.5.

  6. caguile:

    I agree. While Vista was unreleased there was the possibility that it might be a fantastic products. But once it is released all doubt was removed.

    The same risk exists with Leopard with our high expectations despite any evidence to back it up. The current feature set is nice, but not earth shattering.

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