Apple tells iTunes Store partners: you can offer DRM-free music and music videos soon

Apple iTunes“Yesterday, Apple sent out short notices to their iTunes partners who provide the music content to the iTunes store. The notices let partners know that they would soon be able to offer DRM-free music and DRM-free music videos to customers through iTunes,” arn reports for MacRumors.

Many of you have reached out to iTunes to find out how you can make your songs available higher quality and DRM-free. Starting next month, iTunes will begin offering higher-quality, DRM-free music and DRM-free music videos to all customers.

arn reports, “The new unrestricted format appears to be open to any publisher who is interested.”

Full article here.


  1. @Jooop

    So using your theory, come on over and paint my house for free.

    I mean, your artistic work isn’t worth paying for, so you should share.


    I just love theives trying to justify their actions.

  2. Well, I LOVE sharing my music! That’s why I HATE the DRM on iTunes songs! I remember that I was sharing even during the good, old vinyl days. Heck, within a day of buying an LP, I used to place calls to all my friends. “Guys, I’ve got the new Stealer’s Wheel LP. First one in gets to take it!!” I used to love the way some of my friends would rush over to my house and grab the LP (never did get any of the LPs back . . . or the CDs, for that matter . . . oh well, important thing is I FELT GOOD INSIDE !!)

    I’ve carried on the same way with CDs. Once I bought a CD, I’d come home, place the calls, and within a matter of hours, the CD was gone!! What’s better than that?? Share, humans, share!! There’ll be a place in Heaven. Am I weighed down by all the CDs and LPs I bought over the years? NO!! I’m so happy all the thousands and thousands of dollars I have paid over the years for LPs and CDs are now residing elsewhere (suckers!!). There are very few people in the world who can boast that they have spent all their hard-earned money – and have nothing to show for it!

    Now that it has all gone electronic, I’m not going to become an “evildoer” by buying stuff I cannot share! I wait for the day that music is DRM-free so that I can take my sharing one step higher – I’d like to purchase the songs online and get them downloaded immediately to the computers of other people. Sharing on a massive scale . . . that’s what I am waiting for! Then I could go out to my local park, and sing: “The hills are alive, with the sound of music!”

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