Apple Mac’s ability to do it all spells big trouble for Windows box assemblers

Apple Store“I have consistently moaned about my Lenovo X60S since I received it 9 months ago. Well, after a few more crashes, an ever looser WiFi toggle switch and a few other issues, I finally made the move. 3 weeks ago I ordered a MacBook Pro. Today I received it from IT after I went through a tutorial yesterday,” Michael Eisenberg writes for SeekingAlpha.

“It is very slick and fast. But here is the most interesting part that also relates to yesterday’s earnings call: Since I moved over from Windows and basically live in a Windows IT environment, we loaded Parallels and Windows onto the Mac. Because of that, we turbo charged it with extra memory at, of course, additional cost. So as more users like me move from our ThinkPads to Macs but can’t fully cut the Windows umbilical cord yet, this drives the ASP (average sales price) of the MacBook up. It obviously helps Mac sales growth numbers, but does not necessarily impact Microsoft (MSFT) as much as it impacts PC notebook makers like Lenovo and Dell,” Eisenberg writes.

MacDailyNews Take: This only helps Apple if you buy that extra RAM from Apple. As we’ve explained forever, Apple’s “Embrace and Extinguish” plan first hurts the WIndows box assemblers and then ultimately hurts Microsoft as people realize that Mac OS X is superior. Over time, these dual booters will realize what most everyone else who tries a Mac realizes. They will boot up Windows less and less until they figure out that they’d rather not bother at all. That’s the end game. Embrace Windows first, let people experience Mac OS X, and they’ll extinguish Windows themselves naturally.

Eisenberg continues, “Apple has certainly earned its brand by making great products. But the reverse seems to be true as well: “Great brands can be ruined by poor products.” So goodbye Lenovo, this is the last post I will type on your keyboard with my beloved red trackpoint — and hello slick Mac.”

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  1. I still have yet to find a comprehensive side-by-side comparison of OS X 10.4/5 and Windows Vista Ultimate. I have looked everywhere I know to look and have found many reviews, but no feature by feature comparison.

    I’m a mac loyalist, but it would be interesting to see if Vista Ultimate can do anything OS X can’t do and visa versa. Again, I don’t want reviews of usability, but strictly functionality.

    Can anyone help?

  2. anaknipedro:

    Will be tough to do since we still don’t know all the features of 10.5. I do remember hearing about a pretty cool function of Vista though: the ability to use a flash ‘keychain’ drive as extra RAM.

    MDN: ‘perhaps’ perhaps Leopard will have that feature too?

  3. Or they’ll do what I do. Since I only need Windows for literally a couple of apps, I’ll just continue using the copy of XP Pro that I bought over 5 years ago now. No need to ever upgrade to Vista here, so MS doesn’t benefit any at all.

  4. @chuy

    Are you high?!!!

    That side by side comparison OSX/XP is wack!

    Video Editing 1-OSX 7 (8) XP


    This guy sates thius due to the fact that “No free video editing software comes with OS X.” ALL new Macs ship with iLife!!!!

    Reader beware more FUD in the “comparison” that to be foun in a Thuridiot blog!

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