Five reasons why Apple’s iPhone is better than the rest

“Having now wandered in the wilds of various cellphones over the last few months, I am re-reminded why Apple’s iPhone is underestimated. I have a Palm Treo 700, a Research in Motion Blackberry 8800, and a Samsung TV phone, and they all suck,” Paul Kedrosky writes for SeekingAlpha.

Kedrosky lists five things that bug him about the above mentioned trio, and that favor the iPhone:

• Mobile browsers are awful
• Touch screens rule
• Big screens rule
• Mobile fonts are #$%!
• Mobile interfaces are thoughtless

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Nathan” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s so-called “thoughts” on Apple’s iPhone:


  1. Programmers have BIG egos. They think, because they understand how to use the phone software, everyone should understand it.

    A good programmer can make anything you want and more.
    A great programmer can do the same thing the good programmer can do AND makes it user-friendly for the masses. This is the difference between Apple and most other companies.

    I don’t care how great you are at programming if you can’t make the program actually function is a friendly way. Your “good” programming is rendered useless in my eyes, and you’d never be hired by me.

  2. Like the Emporor’s clothes. People won’t know they really are awful until they see/try something that isn’t awful.

    iPhone is doing the talking by waking people up to the fact that what they thought was OK or even good, is actually atrocious.

    A few more people trying OS X would help too.

  3. Looking at the Uncle Fester video again (I’ve seen it 50 times, it’s a hoot), it’s clear why MicroTrash is soooo boring.

    His phones “do music”, “do internet”, “do email”, “do instant messaging”. They are “very capable machines”.

    Their “machines” may “do” several things, but the Ford Pinto would also “do” point A to B.

    What a waste.

  4. I’m so glad that Ballmer is happy with thier strategy, he will need to be when the iPhone releases… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    I can see why Microsofts strategy sucks. Ballmer didn’t have any impression of the iPhone until the end of the presentation, when the price was mentioned. Sounds to me like too may dead brain cells up there….

  5. Programmers should not design interfaces. Interface designers / HCI specialists etc should design interfaces and hand the specs over to programmers. If Nokia et al don’t have interface designers, just programmers, then that’s why they have such awful products.

  6. You know how when you’re sitting in your house and everything seems perfectly normal? And then the refrigerator compressor shuts off. All of a sudden it’s quiet and peaceful. The drone that your conciousness had subdued, and you no longer noticed, is taken away and you realize how much nicer it is when it is gone, and how much better the home is without it. That’s the cell phone universe before iPhone. Lackluster cell phones are like a droning background sound that we had gotten used to and that we just considered normal. iPhone gave us a taste of the peace that is possible. Anything that reduce the level of techno-agravation in this world is worth $500.

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