Ars Technica reviews Adobe Photoshop CS3 on Intel-powered Apple Mac

Apple Store“Well, it has arrived—probably the most-anticipated program for Intel Macs has made its way to Apple’s newest CPU platform, and you can almost hear the collective sigh of relief from Mac users (it’s only slightly louder than the mumbles of “don’t do this to us again” from Adobe). But CS3 isn’t just a small update—it’s chock full of enough new stuff that’s Adobe feels it’s now worth branching out into two different versions: Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop CS3 Extended. Don’t worry though—all of the Photoshop CS2 features are in still the standard edition and both include Bridge CS3,” Dave Girard reports for Ars Technica.

Girard reports, “Overall, Photoshop CS3 is as stable or more so than it was in the past, in my experience. This is quite a feat considering the amount of legacy code that had to make it to Xcode for Intel Mac compatibility. I’d say in the last week, it may have crashed twice between my MacBook Pro or Quad Xeon at work. I was partly prepared for a crash every few days considering its being ported and fortunately, even during the public beta, we haven’t had to sacrifice stability or speed to get Photoshop on Intel Macs.”

Girard gives Adobe Photoshop CS3 a grade of 8 out of 10.

Full, comprehensive review – a must-read for those interested in this application – here.


  1. Adobe’s offerings are simply perverted. Bloted, overserving, and wildly overpriced. Apple should pull the rug out from under that CS behemoth and offer something slimmed down that works with Aperture and is less than one-half the price of it.

  2. Not for people that need the tools, it’s not. I make my living as an artist (and have been using Adobe tools for 12 years), and I use damn near everything in Photoshop-to this day, nothing comes close to Adobe’s stuff. That isn’t to say there aren’t other wonderful tools, and I use a lot of them as well (Image Tricks is a favorite), but the Creative Suite is my number one tool, and with the most recent version, that doesn’t appear likey to change anytime soon.

    @thetic Ruin-you’re going to love it! Smart Filters and the new Bridge alone make it worth the upgrade. Throw in Flash and Dreamweaver working so well with the other Adobe apps, and you will be one happy camper indeed. And the Mac version was very lovingly and beautifully put together-using it is a joy.

  3. I haven’t tried CS3 Illustrator yet – but I would be very very happy if they finally came closer to Freehand’s modeling approach (align to single béziers, anyone?). There are so many things in illustrator that are 7yrs behind FH’s evolution…it’s almost pathetic that Adobe killed it. Reminds me of LivePicture’s superiority regarding plugins and speed.

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