Firefox’s Mac team wants to know: What sucks about Firefox on the Mac?

“The Macintosh development team of the popular Firefox web browser is currently looking for feedback as to what ‘sucks’ about the current incarnation of the software,” Jeff Smykil reports for Ars Technica. “Colin Barrett, formerly of Adium fame, puts it quite frankly on his blog:”

So, fellow Appleites, I put it to you: What sucks about Firefox on the Mac?

Smykil reports, “Proving they aren’t oblivious to the what Mac users want or how their software is lacking, the post provides a few starter gripes. The list includes native form widgets, Keychain integration, lacking a unified toolbar, and better performance. Colin welcomes you to e-mail him with these gripes, but he is also very interested in some of the more unique issues you have with the browser.”

Full artilce with links here.


  1. Besides memory hogging and crashing (especially with many tabs open), my biggest complaint with Firefox is no page zooming. You can only make the text bigger, but tables and images stay the same size, which messes up the page layout. In Opera, IE7, and iPhone Safari, you can zoom the entire page, pictures & tables & all while preserving the page layout. A very useful feature that Firefox is overdue to have.

  2. I think it’d be great if Firefox could borrow some of the design decisions made by the Camino team. Camino is my browser of choice, used for nearly all my Web activities. If something malfunctions in Camino, then I switch to Safari.

    I have Firefox on my system, but I never use it. It feels a little clunky, and the widgets look funny. In fact, they are often hard to see.

    Camino is speedy and really looks great! Plus, it’s built around the same Gecko rendering engine as Firefox, so you’re getting many of the benefits. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have nearly as many features as FF, and the Camino team apparently doesn’t want to give it all those features. So, it would be really great if FF could be made to behave more like Camino.

    MW: Zebra, as in “Zebra” has nothing to do with this story!

  3. I’m not fond of the “sheets” for Firefox’ options screens. I much prefer the separate window found on the Windows version. As to the comment above about bookmark editing, even on Windows it’s not so great but there is a great extension called Flat Bookmark Editing which add some super handy features. I would like an easy way to get at the Profile Manager without opening Terminal.

  4. Sometimes it shuts down on me! Just like that!
    And, when I open it again, it says ‘New Session’ or ‘Restore Session’.
    I’ve got the on my iMac 24″, Mac Pro, Mac mini and on my MacBook Pro. It’s so weird. I even got it at work on my iMac G5.

  5. For those of you complaining about Safari, I suggest dowloading and trying out some of the newest nightly builds of Webkit ( Still some problems, but the speed and memory leakage has improved a heck of a lot.

  6. Yeah Firefox is different, but the interface is intuitive enough to jump right in. It isn’t bad, it’s just not, well, an Apple product.

    The Apple look and feel has been part of how I do computing since 1985. Safari is simply more elegant than Firefox that’s all. Would I make it my firefox my default browser. No. not with the current look and feel. Will I keep checking back on the Imrovements being made by Fire Fox. Yes I will.
    Do I like it better than Microsoft explore that I have to use every bloody day at work? Emphatically Yes. No question.

  7. Maybe they are worried about the new Safari features due with Leopard …

    Not sure about other browsers, even though I have to use Netscape for banking and Firefox for a certain vegetarian social page – but I remember with an old version of IE, no longer on me Mac – that a with ONE click of a button on the mast, you could hide all of the IE bars and recover the screen’s real estate for clean viewing of any page – with FF and Safari you have to go through the hide this and hide that, until you get, only the Web page, clean without address, status and bookmark bars etc.
    … or am I getting it all wrong here?

    Oh …. Hello, the emoticon and html options are back. that solves all my earlier questions and experimentation … I like the new look, but then again i aint got a huge screen.

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