Firefox’s Mac team wants to know: What sucks about Firefox on the Mac?

“The Macintosh development team of the popular Firefox web browser is currently looking for feedback as to what ‘sucks’ about the current incarnation of the software,” Jeff Smykil reports for Ars Technica. “Colin Barrett, formerly of Adium fame, puts it quite frankly on his blog:”

So, fellow Appleites, I put it to you: What sucks about Firefox on the Mac?

Smykil reports, “Proving they aren’t oblivious to the what Mac users want or how their software is lacking, the post provides a few starter gripes. The list includes native form widgets, Keychain integration, lacking a unified toolbar, and better performance. Colin welcomes you to e-mail him with these gripes, but he is also very interested in some of the more unique issues you have with the browser.”

Full artilce with links here.


  1. From my point-of-view Safari w/Saft and Tubesock installed would be a damned near perfect browser IF it didn’t beach ball so much, hog bandwidth, have problems loading certain websites, and if it would steal from Internet Explorer 5 the ability to turn off the playing of sound (or give us a volume control).

    Firefox is certainly hella more compatible and lean. But the lack of Keychain integration is a deal breaker for primary usage. And people give so much credit to “extensions”, but let’s be honest do I need 30 different extensions to steal media files? Or 150 extensions that duplicate functions of widgets? Firefox extensions are like Windows software, sure there’s a lot, but of what quality?

  2. That’s easy. Bookmark management. I’ve used Firefox on both Windows and Mac systems for a long time. I’ve never understood why bookmarks are so much harder to edit and manage on the Mac version. Why can’t I drag and drop to pull bookmarks around in folders? Or drag and drop folders to move them around? Why can’t I right-click (or ctrl-click) on a bookmark name to rename it? And there’s something funky about the Bookmark editing window itself. You can’t edit lists on the left side, you first have to select the parent folder and edit it on the right side. All just kind of annoying . . .together, they make it painful to management bookmarks in Mac Firefox.

  3. What sucks? I could do without the lockups I get every few days. I could also mention the memory leakage, but Safari is far worse in that regard. I tend to keep my browsers open for days, opening tabs and windows, closing some and opening others (news sites mostly). Soon enough my memory footprint is close to a GB with Firefox, twice that with Safari!

  4. Memory leak, memory leak and memory leak. Also, once a Flash object is selected, all keyboard shortcuts only work on the object, so Firefox ignores cmd-W to close the tab/window.

    Have I mentioned memory leak?

  5. It doens’t look or FEEL like a Mac app. It’s slow and sluggish. Safari feels snappier, tabbing is better, bookmarking is better, looks way better.

    And with a great app like Safari, why do we need Firefox? If Internet Explorer was great, nobody would use Firefox.

    Do you really want to make a buck with Macs? Write a MSN IM program that supports audio/video with great quality, that looks and feels like a Mac app, and charge 10 bucks for it.

    The first thing I do on a PC after I format it, is to download Firefox, and THEN I download an anti-virus/spyware.

    But not on a Mac, I don’t even have FF installed.

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