Daydreamer automatic web cam capture software for Mac OS X updated to version 2.1

Quandir Solutions announces the release of Daydreamer 2.1, a new version of the company’s web cam capture utility software that enables web cam users to take pictures of current conditions at specific locations and then post them to the web at regular intervals.

“Daydreamer 2.1 expands on the picture-saving feature introduced in Daydreamer 2.0 by allowing users to save all downloaded pictures, not only the latest,” says Don Carlile, founder and president of Quandir Solutions, pointing out that while someone can use a web browser to view pictures, it’s a nuisance to keep refreshing them. “Version 2.1 also fixes several bugs, avoiding corrupted movies and improving handling of URLs that have non-standard characters.”

The Daydreamer software program is perfect for anyone that likes to keep track of the weather or freeway conditions, or enjoys satellite pictures. “Daydreamer can display the many web cam pictures to which URLs point and update them as often as need be, and Daydreamer can even handle several pictures at once,” explains Carlile. Additionally, Daydreamer can make time-lapse movies of the URL picture, adding a new frame to a movie each time the picture is refreshed and Daydreamer documents can be set to save each picture as it is downloaded, which lets users have a changing desktop or screensaver that reflects the current state of a web cam.

Daydreamer is AppleScriptable, which adds to its versatility. With sample scripts provided with the distribution, users can view slide shows of picture folders on their computer, make those slide shows into QuickTime movies, or receive an alert email when a picture changes. Daydreamer 2.1 requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later, and retails for $20 US. The upgrade is free for previously registered versions.

More details about Daydreamer 2.1 are available at


  1. What the hell was wrong with the old “fit to monitor” format? This is pathetic! I’m using a 23″ Cinema Display and I keep my browser window open to nearly full width. Now there’s tons of wasted space.

    This site now feels needlessle cramped and claustrophobic. Bad, bad design decision.

  2. Stop whining about the new redesign and having empty space because you have a 21″ + monitor.

    Most of the people don’t even go as high as 19″, needless to say a resolution bigger than 1024×768

    MW: Ideas
    Stop complaining and post better ideas

  3. BigmacX,
    I have a 17″ display. I’m looking at a web page with nearly 5 inches of white on the sides, and this little bitty area of tiny text sandwiched in between.
    Doesn’t make one bit of sense to me…

  4. I have this little button in the menu portion of my browser that allows me to increas the isze of the font displayed. It is really cool. “Why?”, you may ask (or not)… Well, it allows me to make what I am reading here a bit more to my liking AND it allows me ot feel as though all of this space on 30″ monitor i not being wasted. Heaven (or where-eva) forbid we should have wasted space in a digital environment! I remember all the biotching that took place when we jumped from Sys 9 to OS X. Most (not all) have gotten over it.

    THE only thing you can count on is change. Count on it.

  5. I used this for a client’s vacation home in Hawaii – now they can enjoy the virtual view from the mainland. A desired feature request is the ability to connect and control multiple cams with one computer.

  6. I downloaded ‘Periscope’ yesterday and like it so far….seems similiar to this, only different.

    As far as size, MDN, I am happy with this. It is perfect for having two pages open on my 20″ incher. (to clarifiy, that is ‘web’ pages and ’20’ inch iMac.)

  7. I have a 17″ display, and this new sizing means that, with my usual window, I don’t even see all the ads on the right side. Yay! Nicely done-especially as I don’t want to see them, never have, and never will.

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