Should Microsoft quit the MP3 player market and/or should Apple quit the personal computer market?

Apple Store“Seth Godin provided me with a copy of his new book, The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick), and I think it will definitely get people to think about life. To give you a taste of what’s in the book, here’s an interview with Seth about the topics of perseverance and quitting,” Guy Kawasaki blogs for How to Change the World.

Here are two out of ten interetesing questions and answers (read the full article for the other eight Q&As):

Question: Should Microsoft quit the MP3 player market?

Answer: I thought they already did. They’re spending a lot of money, but they’re on a dead end. They always were. They saw the Dip, but instead of embracing it by completely reinventing what it meant to be an MP3 player, they just played it safe and made a piece of me-too.

When you copy something that’s already on the other side of the Dip, you’ve already lost. Microsoft “quit” the MP3 player market when they identified the wrong Dip. They picked the obvious, “safe” one—the one committees of people could live with, but one that is so big and so steep that even Microsoft doesn’t have the money to get through it.

Microsoft has a long history of sticking through Dips, and a long history of quitting dead ends. I have no idea what they’re thinking when it comes to the Zune, but it’s a dead end, through and through.

Question: Should Apple quit the personal computer market?

Answer: Apple has already crossed that Dip, big time. Not the “personal computer Dip” but the Dip of “style-conscious, designer’s, multimedia, student, family computer.” They’re the best in the world at that. They own it. They profit from it. Sure, if Steve hadn’t been arrogant, they could have been best in the world at a much bigger, much juicier market. But they’re not. Once they deal with that—and I think they mostly have—then they can erect a wall behind them, a bigger dip, one that prevents others from following. Over time, personal computers become a profitless commodity while Apple’s market just gets sexier, more fun, and more profitable.

There’s much more in the full article, including, for one example, “Should America quit the Iraq War?”

Full article here.

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  1. Russia is the end game. Way back when, the Cold War had ended, Russia was on it’s knees, economically & politically, but the USA didn’t stop there, they knew that now there was a chance to subdue Russia completely. A subdued Russia means only one superpower, since it is only Russia that has the MAD nuclear capability. So look at the last 10 years, the USA have put their bases in several of the old Soviet Bloc countries, several of them have already joined NATO, Russia is feeling surrounded. Czech & Poland are negotiating missile defence systems (ostensibly for missiles from Iran or N Korea) but if these bases go ahead, there is a situation where now one country, the USA, has Nuclear Premacy. What does this mean? It means, that the USA can threaten the only credible opponent to US hegemony, with a first strike that knocks out the vast majority of the Russia’s arsenal and the missile defence systems are then use to take out the very few ICBM’s that do get launched. The present incumbents of the White House really believe that a nuclear war is winnable.
    Magic word: anyone as in anyone for peace?

  2. WiseGuy,

    That’s some of the best revisionist history I’ve seen since the Holocaust Deniers International Union disbanded. The Bullshit about Apple was a good attempt at revisionist history as well.

  3. “Liberal Demoncrats are so stupid”

    I guess you have not read or listened to General Anthony Zinni, USMC (Ret), who was the Commander of CENTCOM before Tommy Franks. In addition to being an expert on the area, he is, by his own admission a Republican, and voted for Dubya in Y2K. He thinks that the Iraq & Afghan Wars are a fiasco and that Bush’s incompetent handling of the whole GWT was unnecessary and has been a tragic waste of blood, sweat and treasure.

    Here is a transcript of a speech he gave related to this:

    When Retired CENTCOM (US Command for SW Asia & the Middle East) Commanders who are Republicans tell you that Bush’s policy is an abortion- you might want to listen.

  4. “1: The enemy attacked our homeland killing several thousand people.”

    I was hoping to remain silent on this one, but this has to be responded to. Exactly WHEN did Iraq or Saddam attack America? I thought it was Egyptian radicals. I don’t want to attach Japan because a Korean shoots some college students! Keep America safe, but not by invading Iraq.

  5. The U.S. needs a war every 10 years maximum like a junkie needs a fix. It proves patriotism or something. America need an excuse to ask whether the flag is still there, and to torture, bomb and kill its allies with “friendly fire” rather than go into withdrawal.


  6. I misspelled Al Keda on purpose because of Ecelon (another mispelled word for obvious reasons)

    Exactly WHEN did Iraq or Saddam attack America? I thought it was Egyptian radicals

    Here is a mistake all you stupid Liberal Demoncrats make, you simply don’t understand what Al Keda is.

    It’s a shadowy covert organization funded and run by individuals and goverments IN SECRET to commit acts of terrorism to achieve a political objective. It recognizes no race, ethnic makeup or country.

    Obviously the US was able to detect who and WHAT governments were responsible and the PROOF is the continued bombings in Iraq.

    Is there any other bombings going on anywhere else even close to the frequency of what’s going on in Iraq?

    Remember this, the US Military has enourmous resources and intelligence at it’s disposal. They know what is going on and YOU DON’T.


  7. Regarding Zune… Microsoft won´t quit at least in 2 or 3 more years. They have too much money and ego to support that.

    Regarding Iraq, US should quit ASAP… the war began with made up justifications like “Weapons of Mass Destructions ” etc.. so it won´t be to hard to get some justifications for quitting… like Bin Laden is not in Iraq neither in Afghanistan so we´re we´re taking the troops to …

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