Apple Mac vs. Microsoft Windows: We are witnessing a tipping point in the PC market

Apple Store“When you take a look at [Gartner’s] PC figures for the US [in the first quarter]… 14,811,000 PCs were shipped, indicating only 2.9% growth in PC sales in the first quarter. In other words the impact on PC sales of Vista appears to have far lower in the US. But actually that 2.9% figure is not what it seems, because 1.15% of that growth is attributable directly to Apple. The sale of Apple Macs grew by 30% in the quarter as they have in quarter after quarter for quite a while now. In other words Vista made no competitive dent whatsoever in the sale of Macs—and that very bad news for Microsoft,” Robin Bloor writes for IT-Director.

Bloor writes, “We are witnessing a tipping point in the PC market. Apple now has 5% of the US market, which may seem small, but that 5% punches well above its weight because Apple focuses on the home market—that 5% is more like 15% of the people that actually choose their PCs (in the corporations you get what you are given) and at current rates of growth that 15% will be 30% in the US in about 2 years, unless Apple’s momentum slows. Now consider the fact that the US market drives PC buying trends in the rest of the world to some degree and Apple’s momentum comes more into focus.”

Bloor writes, “Apple’s momentum has not been stopped at all by Vista, and this is ahead of the release of Apple’s answer to Vista—the Leopard version of OS X.”

MacDailyNews Take: Mac OS X Tiger is already more than an answer to Microsoft’s Windows Vista, as scores of independent reviews concur. Leopard will only increase Apple’s operating system lead that much more.

Bloor continues, ” I think Apple put back the release of Leopard because it concluded that it didn’t need to worry about Vista. I don’t believe Apple’s explanation, that it had to borrow OS X engineers to help with the release of the iPhone—Apple cannot possibly be short of engineers. I think that Steve Jobs took the decision to embed some of the iPhone magic in OS X or add a little magic to both platforms so that, when Leopard is released, it will make Vista look old and tired.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Vista doesn’t need any help from Leopard; it already looks old and tired.

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  1. Apple Mac vs. Microsoft WIndows: We are witnessing a tipping point in the PC market?

    In terms of what? Sales figures? In that case…probably not for a long while.

    But if they’re talking about technological advances…OSX had Vista beat a LONG time a go. The “tipping point” was “tipped” years ago.

  2. “New Leopard build (420!)”

    I heard, too, C1. But Apple’s timing sucks – they released it on 4/17 (or somewhere right around there). Hello, 420 on 4/20?!?!? Maybe Steve figured he’d have to give all the employees the rest of the afternoon off to go pull a few tubes.

    It’s a little surprising (and encouraging) that we saw build 410 not too long ago. The builds are coming more frequently now.

  3. Leopard is an answer to Vista, in that an answer always follows the question (exceptt on Jeopardy, the TV game show).

    Although, the real question of Vista is “Why bother?”

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