Largest automobile processing company in North America considers dumping Windows PCs for Apple Macs

Apple Store“Macintosh computers have long had proponents among business users, such as those in the art department, for instance. But in terms of pure numbers, Macs barely make the charts. Still, disillusionment with the Windows platforms is motivating some CIOs to consider a radical move: an enterprise-wide switch from Windows to Macintosh,” Shamus McGillicuddy reports for

MacDailyNews Take: Radical? “Smart” would be better description.

McGillicuddy continues, “Dale N. Frantz, CIO of Tacoma, Wash.-based Auto Warehousing Co., is working on a proof-of-concept project with his company’s home-grown ERP system. The system is built on Microsoft’s SQL server technology, but he’s testing whether a front-end application would allow Macs to work with the SQL-based system.”

“Frantz has seen some success in the early stage of the process. But proof of concept in a test environment doesn’t necessarily prove it can work enterprise-wide,” McGillicuddy reports. “Auto Warehousing, the largest automobile processing company in North America, receives, accessorizes and ships to dealerships 5.5 million cars a year. A lot is at stake if he switches to Mac.”

McGillicuddy reports, “Frantz said not only would migrating to the Vista platform mean replacing every computer in his shop, but Microsoft also “seems to feel that each subsequent operating system is worth a greater amount of money than the previous one.” If the cost of the operating system continues to increase, that’s of huge concern to Frantz. ‘Do I continue to throw money toward Microsoft or begin to look to something else?'”

“‘We see some things we could gain by moving iMac equipment onto the shop floors. The ability to do some videoconferencing, with cameras and microphones built in. We see some other technologies emerging that might be able to offset the cost of hardware, plus we have to buy new equipment to upgrade to Vista anyway,'” Frantz said,” McGillicuddy reports.

McGillicuddy reports, “Frantz said that although his staff members are enthusiastic about Macs, they’re anxious about whether this makes them obsolete. Staffers are worried about training and support. The network administrators are troubled about potential interpretability issues. Developers are concerned because they don’t know how to code for Apple Inc.’s software. ‘People are a little bit nervous,’ he said. ‘I try my best to reassure them and tell them I’ll bring anyone along for the ride that wants to come along for that ride.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Slowly, but surely they awaken.

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  1. “they’re anxious about whether this makes them obsolete. Staffers are worried…”

    This has been Apple’s problem since 1984. IT staff is always worried that Apple products will make them redundant. Finally, we’re getting to a point where that fear won’t factor into the decision.

  2. I wish this company all the best. It would be great for them to succeed.

    I would hope Apple has a team to help in major conversions like this.

    If not, it sounds like a good business to get in, as I feel more and more companies will try going Mac.

    Maybe I need to quit getting high for a living…..

  3. No interoperability issues with networks since Apple uses the same TCP/IP protocal as everything else in the world. Something they won’t have to worry about is viruses and spyware too.

  4. When I switched at home, it took me maybe two hours(on my own)before I was comfortable to the point where I could have used it in a business environment (I wish). Give the staff a half-day training course and they’ll be fine. That part of the problem should be a non-starter.

  5. People, this is HUGE! This is very exciting news HOWEVER the monkey wrench is going to be MS SQL Server. I’m crossing all my fingers and toes they get the kinks worked out. All it takes is one good example of a large operation that’s been able to successfully switch and others will follow. This could be the proverbial “tipping point”.

  6. The good thing is that more and more IT work is contracted to offshore companies. When you switch to Macs and fire them, you can’t hear them scream.

    They can’t go postal if they have an ocean to swim first. That tends to cool them off.

  7. TT, you are a nut. When I was a kid, some buddies and I climbed a 650ft. tower near Blanchard(twice). It was scary as hell. It took like a half an hour for a paper airplane to touch down on the golf course. I couldn’t imagine doing it now.

  8. Hmmm,
    “If an organization is really serious about reducing their reliance on Microsoft, and running Linux or Mac on the desktop, reducing the number of Windows applications is most important.”

    OUCH, chairs will be flying on that one. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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