Good morning, Vietnam: first Apple computer store opens in Ho Chi Minh City

Apple Store“A subsidiary of Vietnam’s largest company FPT has opened the first store in the country specializing in distributing products of Apple Inc.,” Reuters reports.

“‘The shop selling only Apple products is one of the six we want to open this year in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City,’ a company spokeswoman said. The store is in Ho Chi Minh City,” Reuters reports.

FPT “has been authorized by the U.S. computer maker to sell Apple products such as desktop and laptop computers in Vietnam,” Reuters reports. “The company’s revenues last year soared 74 percent from 2005 to $324 million, or nearly a quarter of the total revenues posted by its parent firm.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Another Irish Dude” for the heads up and to “ken1w” for the headline suggestion.]


  1. About ten years ago, I was over in Saigon. At one point, I saw a van with a couple of Apple stickers on it. I asked my friend what was up–she said it was an “Apple” taxicab (ie, the name of the company was Apple Taxi and they were using the logo).

    Vietnam is not known for it’s respect of intellectual property.

    The second funny part of the trip was getting on the airplane back. This was August of 1997–the day after the keynote where Microsoft announced their $150 million dollar investment in Apple. Well, I sit down on the airplane and grab a copy of the Asian edition of the Wall Street Journal. Sure enough, the headline strongly implies that Microsoft bought Apple for $150 million.

    Just about had a heart attack.

  2. “Sure enough, the headline strongly implies that Microsoft bought Apple for $150 million.
    Just about had a heart attack.”

    LMAO. and now that Leopard is delayed, I wonder what the headline will say..
    Leopard is cancelled because it’s made for iPhone-only?

  3. Stories like this should reaffirm the faith most reading this have had for many, many years – that whatever Microsoft and others are doing/done here in USA, the Real Game is the rest of the Planet. Not sure, but think is something like 3+ Billion Globally who’ve yet to ever use a computer, much less own one.

    Never forget folks: Apple (Steve Jobs) is not about selling Computers or iPods or iPhones or any other ‘thing’ – is about changing the World.

    BC Kelly
    Tallahassee Fla

  4. When I read reports like this (and over the past decade or so, I’ve been reading more and more of them), it just makes me wonder what all those radical communist and/or socialist revolutionaries were fighting for?

    What was the point?

    And, it makes me wonder…in 20 to 30 years, where will radical, extremist Islam be?

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