Apple’s WWDC 2007 schedule posted (with 3-hour keynote address) [UPDATED: revised to 90 minutes]

Apple StoreApple has posted the session and lab schedule for WWDC 2007. Also newly posted is information about the WWDC “Coding Headstarts.”

On Monday, June 11th, the Keynote Presentation is scheduled for three (3!) hours, from 9am-12pm PDT.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs WWDC 2006 keynote was scheduled for 10am-12pm, but only ran until 11:30am.

Apple must have a lot to talk about this year!

[UPDATE: 7:59pm EDT: Apple has revised the WWDC website which indicated the keynote speech would span three hours and is now reporting a keynote length of 90 minutes.]

Apple reminds visitors that WWDC tickets are now available at early registration prices.

More info:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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  1. “3 hours? Man, there is going to be a lot of Leopard news.”

    Or not.

    IPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone… Steve has taken speech lessons from Ballmer.

    MDN MW: ‘figure’ as in “go figure”.

  2. Three hours along the theme of ‘Coding Headstarts’ ?!?

    I hope Apples SkunkWorks have been working overtime down in that basement: maybe Leopards killer ‘secret feature’ is the ability to run Windows applications without needing a copy of M$ Windowzzzz….

    Already running on Intel processors, can it be that much of a jump to write code similar enough to M$s to get PC apps to run on Macs?

    I hope so.

    Get ready to ‘duck and cover’ over at Redmond…

  3. Steve Jobs rents his clothes, throws ashes on his head, prostrates himself, and repeatedly and tearfully pleads forgiveness two and one-half hours for unnecessarily raising consumer expectations and exaggerating Apple’s capacity to deliver products on time. Jobs sobs that “not being just a computer company is a lot harder than I imagined”. Following Job’s rambling rendering of regrets was his assurance that Apple would release a quad-core notebook with 1TB solid-state drive and a 300GB wireless touchscreen iPod by Christmas.

  4. one more thing….

    and yet another thing…

    yes, i have a few more things…

    I have a funny feeling that the day of the keynote there will be a run on office chairs in Redmond.

  5. It may be that they’ll His Steveness will have: (1) Lots of software to introduce, (2) the final version of the iPhone to wave around and present, (3) a new generation of the iPod to crow over, (4) the success of the online music/video store to report on, (5) iTV and other advanced features to sing the praises of, and (6) major bumps in several Mac Lines to announce. That could take a while.

    Hardware alone is screaming for some refreshes. The MacMinis are in desperate need of a bump-up (Apple had better quit waiting for me to buy a MacMini before they refresh the Line, because I’m not buying until they do), a form-factor upgrade is probably due on the Mac Pro as well as at least announcements on processor upgrades across the board, and a touch-screen interface for the MacBook Pro Line would make a lot of sense. A wider screen iPod may still be on the way, too … though more attention is being dumped into iPhone (obviously).

    MDN Magic Word: “Stage” … as in “the stage is being set for momentous announcements.

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