Windows to Mac switcher finds comfort in ability to run Windows, then leaves Windows behind

Apple Store“I have compiled a short, opinionated list of software that I used to use on WinXP and the comparable software that I now use on Mac OS X. Of course some of the feature sets are not 1 for 1 on the switch, but the tools I have found for Mac OS X have been sufficient in letting me leave Windows behind,” Miguelito Buzzard blogs for

Buzzard reports, “The real enabler for me was when Parallels release 3170 dropped, which allowed me to load my legacy Boot Camp partition inside of Parallels. This gave me a sense of comfort in that I didn’t have to completely rebuild my Windows VM on the Mac side, but instead I could load my ‘comfort zone’ OS inside of a new VM and everything would be just as I left it. The reality here is that I almost never load Parallels, but the idea that I easily could geve me enough confidence to make the switch.”

Full article and Buzzard’s list here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RadDoc” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Embrace and Extinguish.

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  1. I am in the process of moving by business to Apple. One of my guys now has an iMac but he has been hard to convince… However, I got him to download Parallels a couple of weeks ago. Now he has bought a Macbook for his Dad and he says he will buy a Mac for himself in the next month or so…

    I doubt if he will run Parallels very often – but its the comfort of having it that has made all the difference…

  2. I just installed remote desktop on my mac so now i can program c# in visual studio in a window on my mac and compile on my 2.87GHz c2d all from the comfort of os x.
    In all fairness, Visual Studio and .NET is a very nice IDE and platform but requiring Windows to run the product is a major downside 🙁

  3. Great Cafeine

    How right you are

    Last July, running windows was my safety net, now I only run windows to check out changes I make to my web site.

    Thats another story, I couldnt find anyone to do a web site for me, (live in Mexico, and do not speak spanish) wanted to find someone who spoke english, so I started playing around with iWeb and did myself!

    question, wouldnt Entourage be a closer replacement for Outlook?

  4. “…Imagine Codeweavers, yea running Windows apps in Mac OS X without Windows what so fscking ever!!…”

    If thats so … it would prolly be the final nail in the MicroCrap coffin !

    Can you say …”wither and die ?”

  5. Entourage is lousy. Doesn’t feel or work like a native Mac app whatsoever, but then again, very few MS products do. Kind of reminds of how everything you buy at McDonalds has their signature greasy taste to it, even if it didn’t go anywhere near grease.

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