Harris Corporation integrates Apple’s Final Cut Studio with NewsForce

Apple Store Final Cut Studio 2Harris Corporation, an international communications and information technology company, announced that it has integrated Apple’s industry-leading Final Cut Studio production suite with Harris NewsForce, the new file-based newsroom solution that creates an optimized, collaborative newsroom environment.

NewsForce, which is built upon the advanced NEXIO XS shared storage server architecture, will take advantage of the open XML API in Final Cut Pr, the Emmy award-winning editing software at the heart of Final Cut Studio, to provide tight integration with the NEXIO storage area network (SAN). With servers, editors and graphics systems working directly on the NEXIO SAN, NewsForce provides newscasters with a streamlined, MOS-enabled infrastructure for producing, processing, distributing and managing standard-definition and high-definition (HD) content. The result is a news workflow toolset that can create fast completion to air from browse, field and newsroom.

“Apple’s Final Cut Pro is extremely popular with editors, and we are pleased to provide integration into a NEXIO-based newsroom for our customers,” said Tim Thorsteinson, president of the Harris Broadcast Communications Division, in the press release. “Now editors can enjoy the powerful capabilities of Final Cut Pro in a seamless, file-based NewsForce news environment.”

“With an open platform that encourages third-party innovation, Final Cut Studio gives companies like Harris the freedom to create integrated solutions,” said Rob Schoeben, Apple’s vice president of Applications Product Marketing, in the press release. “We are thrilled Final Cut Pro editors can now use their tool of choice in a collaborative Harris newsroom environment.”

In NewsForce, editors can use Final Cut Pro to directly edit shared content on the NEXIO SAN, avoiding file exchange and/or the requirement to FTP between systems. All users can immediately begin cutting fresh content, even as it is being ingested. NewsForce also provides editors with direct exposure into MOS newsroom computer systems such as the AP/ENPS NRCS and Avid’s iNEWS.

NewsForce playout, which comes directly from the award-winning NEXIO playout server, provides reliable delivery of stories – even during ingest and edit. Harris is currently extending its exclusive NEXIO Instant Online conforming engine to enable further speed playout of Final Cut stories directly from timelines through the NEXIO server without waiting for files to render. By providing integration of its newsroom workflow tools and its high-performance, highly redundant broadcast video server, NewsForce elevates the features and value of Final Cut Pro into the speed-critical, mission-critical live news environment.

NEXIO XS is a line of HD/SD transmission servers featuring integrated, software-based codec technology and software-driven up-, down- and cross- conversion to provide the ultimate in reliability, scalability and format flexibility. The servers connect to the NEXIO storage area network, providing newscasters with a streamlined, MOS-enabled infrastructure for producing, processing, distributing and managing SD and HD content.

Harris is an international communications and information technology company serving government and commercial markets in more than 150 countries. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, the company has annual revenue of about $4 billion and more than 14,000 employees – including more than 6,000 engineers and scientists. Harris is dedicated to developing best-in-class assured communications products, systems, and services for global markets, including government communications, RF communications, broadcast communications, and wireless transmission network solutions.

Additional information about Harris Corporation is available at http://www.harris.com/

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  1. Apple slowly and medhodically moves north into more lucrative environments, putting heat on AVID. Nothing will suddenly put AVID in a tail-spin, that simply isn’t possible, but nibble by nibble by chunk, Apple will continue making inroads into AVID’s higher-end, massive cash cows, and another tipping point will occur.

    Rather than try to figure out how successful Apple will be in this market, just watch AVID’s 10-K filings over the next two years, and it will speak volumes.

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