Apple’s Leopard delay not so much about iPhone as ‘top secret’ features?

Apple Store“Apple Inc. has placed the blame for missing its self-imposed Leopard release date on its itty-bitty iPhone device, but analysts on Wall Street suspect other culprits — such as a widely touted but so far elusive set of “top secret” features destined for the next-generation Mac OS,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

Marsal reports, “‘While Apple cited a shift in resources to iPhone and more time for developers to beta test as reasons for the delay, our analysis indicates that if not for the ‘secret’ features, the core Leopard operating system would likely have shipped on time,’ American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu told clients on Friday. ‘We believe the extra time Apple is allocating is for developers to test secret features that will likely be revealed at its WWDC 2007 conference starting on June 11, 2007.'”

Full article here.

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  1. Amazed, I am. All the talk about a 4 month delay – conspiracy theories abound: “it’s for Vista compatiblitity” is my favourite inanity. “Apple have said it’s a resource allocation problem. And the net goes into high gear trying to devine the truth by laying dead fish at the disk drive door of the oracle. And the Windoze fanbois all shout that “Apple is just like Microsoft!” since Apple TV was 2 whole weeks late! And Leopard is 4 whole months late!

    Let’s just tick off the parts of Vista that were announced to preclude switching to any other OS – and then dropped — before Vista surfaced 4 years late. Shall we start with WinFS? Nah. Vista is its own reward.

    Let’s just wait until October to see what happens.

    Remember: Valentine Michael Smith always said, “Waiting is fullness.”

  2. SydneyStephen,

    Thanks for the laugh and the misinformation.

    I guess in your world:
    ‘under investigation’ = guilty of a crime
    making political appointments by a (republican) politician = crime
    some ‘religious’ leaders have done wrong things = ‘church leaders lie all the time’
    Apple running late on a release = American lying epidemic

    Wow. If you want to blame someone, blame your liberal buds who find truthfullness in both words and deeds meaningless.

  3. @mac user 47

    Wow. You are quite something of an apologist…

    I would have thought that an Attorney General whose entire department is in disarray, with accusations, hearings and resignations, ought to have resigned by now.

    And since WHEN exactly, are US federal prosecutors political appointees?

    A democracy is on shaky foundations when crooks in the white house can remove legal officers and replace them with those who they believe will be more compliant to their political agenda…

    And you entirely missed my point. The “lying” epidemic is indicated by the number of people who ASSUME Apple must be lying. Why? Presumably because everyone else does…

    Only in America is the word “liberal” bandied around as an insult. And with the US Administration up to their collective necks in scandals and lies, you would have to be a determined and thick-skinned neocon to want to defend them!

    And as for American religious leaders? American religious hypocrisy is hysterically funny if you are luck enough to be looking at it from the outside. From my perspective, it is hard to imagine a society which is less Christian in its behaviour, despite the self-righteousness of its religious leaders.

    I loved the scene in Borat where he sleeps on the footpath outside the church all night. When he wakes up, still on the footpath, the church is full. EVERYONE inside had stepped over him.

    Now I wonder whether the deliberate irony of that scene was lost on most Americans…

  4. Its obvious to me that the real reason leopard is delayed is that Apple made a commitment to m$oft to give them a little more time for them to catch up to system 9 before releasing a new operating system.
    Its kinda the 7 run rule (or is it 11) for OS development.

    Hey, I’m liking tiger – who cares when the leopard pounces – it will when the timing is right.

  5. wow, you’re hatred for everything non-you is really evident tonight.

    “A democracy is on shaky foundations when crooks in the white house can remove legal officers and replace them with those who they believe will be more compliant to their political agenda…”

    lol. Seriously…. lol. And the democrats who have inhabited the oval office have not acted in the same manner? Your hubris in this sentence is beyond the pale.

    “I loved the scene in Borat where he sleeps on the footpath outside the church all night. When he wakes up, still on the footpath, the church is full. EVERYONE inside had stepped over him.” – ok.. let’s just set aside for a moment that you use a movie that is a comedy to disparage a whole group of people based on their non-performance as your basis for argument that the church in america is in whatever state that displeases you. Not a CHANCE that they filmed him lying down at night, then cut to the scene where he get’s up in the morning. No.. not a chance he slept at the local Holiday Inn and faked the whole thing. Hmmmm – movie editing maybe? The fact that you would condemn a whole group of religious people in a nation because of this and other issues in your small little mind shows you for what you really are, a religious bigot. It’s just safe to be a bigot against american christians, so you rant and rave knowing that many will agree and you think yourself more enlightened than the rest. But in the end you’re still a bigot.

    “Only in America is the word “liberal” bandied around as an insult.” – nah…. it’s a fairly good insult anywhere in the queens commonwealth. You just need to get out more.

    You have revealed in this post, and many of the posts you’ve penned her on MDN in the past to be a conservative American hater. You can’t stand the fact that some people think differently than you. So you fall into the same old tired diatribe of many who have come and gone before. You spew hatred and bile against anything that doesn’t think and act like you, which is exactly why so many in the “liberal” side of american politics have lost the respect of the political center. They, like the far right, have shown themselves to be self-centered snakes, more interested in in personal gain and self promotion than in what is best for the nation as a whole.

    Go away little man, you’re a sad representative for your cause. You have the political equivalent of penis envy to the conservative agenda. You’re nothing more than the KKK dressed in black instead of white.

  6. @SydneySanctimonious

    Struck a nerve did I?

    You are wrong about the commonwealth and the word liberal. Indeed our conservative, US-leaning, government is currently in the hands of the Liberal party of Australia. It remains an exclusively american form of insult. Amusing really – have you ever looked up the word in a dictionary? Try the Oxford dictionary if you want to know how the Queen understands the word. But you will find even American dictionaries define “liberal” values the same way. When you have done so, please feel free to tell me WHICH ASPECTS OF TRUE LIBERAL VALUES you do not agree with…

    The Democrats may well have lied and cheated as much as the Republicans. What makes you think my comment was in any way supportive of the Democrats? Far from it – and there is nothing uniquely American about dishonesty – it happens everywhere in the world and it certainly happens here. It is true that the Republicans seem to be intent on damaging your institutions and destroying the independence of your judiciary – but that is a matter for Americans. You choose who governs you after all…

    Borat may be a comedy, but it was also a very incisive critique of American values. Perhaps you need to stand back to see that. The scene at dinner (remember he invited the prostitute?), in the campervan (remember the guys?) and the scene in front of the church – not to mention the car salesman who recommended the best vehicle to run down jews…

    I am not in the least an American hater. I visit often, have many American friends, and worked for American corporations most of my life. As for getting out more – mate, i have friends all over the world, travel frequently, was born in Kenya, of English and Scottish parents and live in Australia. You?

    It is true I find little common ground with “conservatives” who seem to define themselves by what they aren’t (liberal – in that uniquely american way) rather than what they are.

    My entire point seems to have escaped you. It is simply that everyone ASSUMES everyone is always lying. So therefore Apple’s explanation cannot possibly be true – there must be some other truth.

    Am I really the only one who finds that disheartening?

  7. “I tried to f**k a kangaroo once! I forgot to wake up early and get a pretty one.”

    In Australia there’s no such thing as an ugly kangaroo. Enough Fosters or Castlemaine they all look good.

    You’ve got to be really careful about those back legs.

    I suggest you start with Wallabies to get the hang of it first.

  8. @mondale

    I have no idea what you are talking about. Which email address do you suggest I use?

    NYTimes: WASHINGTON, April 12—The White House said Thursday that missing e-mail messages sent on Republican Party accounts may include some relating to the firing of eight United States attorneys.

    The disclosure became a fresh political problem for the White House, as Democrats stepped up their inquiry into whether Karl Rove and other top aides to President Bush used the e-mail accounts maintained by the Republican National Committee to circumvent record-keeping requirements.

    The Democrats’ investigation into the political e-mail accounts grows directly out of the inquiry into the firing of the United States attorneys. When the Justice Department turned over documents to Congress, they showed that, contrary to the White House’s initial assertions, Mr. Rove and Harriet E. Miers, the former White House counsel, seemed to be involved in planning the dismissals.

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