Apple’s Leopard delay not so much about iPhone as ‘top secret’ features?

Apple Store“Apple Inc. has placed the blame for missing its self-imposed Leopard release date on its itty-bitty iPhone device, but analysts on Wall Street suspect other culprits — such as a widely touted but so far elusive set of “top secret” features destined for the next-generation Mac OS,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

Marsal reports, “‘While Apple cited a shift in resources to iPhone and more time for developers to beta test as reasons for the delay, our analysis indicates that if not for the ‘secret’ features, the core Leopard operating system would likely have shipped on time,’ American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu told clients on Friday. ‘We believe the extra time Apple is allocating is for developers to test secret features that will likely be revealed at its WWDC 2007 conference starting on June 11, 2007.'”

Full article here.

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  1. Whatever happened to those ‘exclusive’ 10.4 widgets for .Mac users that were promised right up until a week prior to launch and then mysteriously disappeared? They must have been sent to the same place Jimmy Hoffa’s body and Dubya’s claimed Iraqi WMD’s are kept. A very secret place.

  2. I suspect that it is both partly the fault of the iPhone *as well as* those top secret features.

    And if those top secret features are at least partly to blame, I would really like to know what they are. I mean, what could it be? Will it project a perfectly life-like 3d hologram of Jessica Alba in a bikini that sits beside you as you work? If so, it’s definitely worth the wait.

  3. This is a stupid point by “analysts.” The “secret features” are part of Leopard, and Leopard won’t be ready because resources were shifted to iPhone. Sure, Leopard might have been ready if Apple stripped out some of the best (we hope!) features, like M$ did to Vista, but who would want that?

  4. iPhone runs Mac Os X… That is why they have people from the Mac Os X-team. What is so difficult with that?
    Ok.. It delays the Leopard. Top sexy.. sorry.. Top secret features in Leopard? You bet! That is the way with Apple! There is always one more thing ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cheese” style=”border:0;” />

    Top secret is something that they don´t tell anyone and especially to Microsofties and everything at Apple is Top Secret.

    MDN Magic Word: Needs. as in ´MY NEEDS FOR iPHONE ARE HUGE?!´

  5. Suurrrre. That only begs the question why Apple raised expectations to begin with by overestimating the time to release for AppleTV and 10.5. An exaggeration is just a lie in fancy dress. I guess Apple didn’t learn much following the stock options fiasco that honesty and truthfulness are the foundation for ethical corporate responsibility.

    What a load of sanctimonious hogwash.

    Let’s refer to the standard conference call disclaimer…

    Please note that comments made during this call may include forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties, and that actual results may differ materially from these forward-looking statements. For more information on the factors that could influence results, please refer to Apple’s SEC filings.

    Guess what…the estimated shipping dates for any Apple product (or even a Microsoft product) are forward-looking statements which have “risks and uncertainties” attached.

    Not one single person or institution should have either purchased Apple shares, products or services believing the shipment dates for iPhone, the 6G iPod, Leopard or systems based on Intel’s Penryn were 100% solid. If you did, you’re a fscking idiot who shouldn’t be allowed near liquid cash without adult supervision.

  6. I wish that people would acquire some perspective on the Leopard delay. Apple has done great things in recent years. Considering MacOS X alone, Apple has released four major updates and will soon release a fifth. Apple has been active in computer hardware updates including rapid responses to new Intel CPUs. Apple has released five generations of iPods with multiple iTunes updates including movies and DRM-free content. Apple has released new products including Airport Express, Apple TV, etc., and will soon release iPhone.

    The Leopard delay is only a few lousy months – inconsequential in the scheme of things for a major software release. How anyone could even begin to compare it to the five years of Vista is beyond me.

    In short, enjoy what you have received and look forward to more from Apple.

  7. One of my favorite things is to wait on line at the Apple Store for the latest incarnation of OS X. I install the software without hesitation, because I know that it’s going to work.

    If Apple needs to take a couple of months to get it perfect, all the better.

    As for “top secret features,” I’m all for it. There’s nothing cooler than Steve Jobs saying, “Oh, and one more thing…”

  8. Right on, Jeebus!

    Apple has been using their super-secret resource with extreme effectiveness lately… the PRESS.

    It seems that every time I look, there’s some new story about Apple. Not all the SAME story, but items about everything from iPod & iPhone & TV to stores, special precessors, high profile switching stories… you name it.

    Leopard will be released into the wild JUST as the Xmas buying season shifts into high gear. The press will be ALL oooover it. Fresh comparisons to Vista will appear everywhere. New and switcher Macs will FLY off the shelves.

    Secret features are probably involved, too. We’ll never really know, will we.


    That so many people automatically believe that Apple are LYING about why Leopard is late is indicative of the general acceptance in America, and elsewhere, of the level of deceit which permeates business, society and politics.

    The American government lies. Business leaders lie. Church leaders lie. ALL THE TIME…

    If you pause for a minute and think about it, you might wonder how anything works any more now that everyone lies all the time about everything?

    Wait a minute. Nothing IS working any more…

    The chief law officer of America is under investigation for lying to congress about sacking democrat-voting prosecutors and replacing them with republican contributors.

    And the head of the World Bank used his influence to get his girlfriend a $70,000 pay rise.

    Against this background, how would Apple persuade anyone they are NOT lying if they actually are telling the truth.

    Instead of worrying about whether Apple is lying, perhaps you should worry about how the largest,most religious, christian society in the world has apparently insitutionalised deception to the point that no-one believes anything anyone ever says.

    Just my two f****ing cents worth…

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