Apple’s Leopard delay not so much about iPhone as ‘top secret’ features?

Apple Store“Apple Inc. has placed the blame for missing its self-imposed Leopard release date on its itty-bitty iPhone device, but analysts on Wall Street suspect other culprits — such as a widely touted but so far elusive set of “top secret” features destined for the next-generation Mac OS,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

Marsal reports, “‘While Apple cited a shift in resources to iPhone and more time for developers to beta test as reasons for the delay, our analysis indicates that if not for the ‘secret’ features, the core Leopard operating system would likely have shipped on time,’ American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu told clients on Friday. ‘We believe the extra time Apple is allocating is for developers to test secret features that will likely be revealed at its WWDC 2007 conference starting on June 11, 2007.'”

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  1. She’s at least partly right. Leopard, as 10.4.10, could likely release “on-time”. Except … then there’s the features <b<not</b> in the iPhone that distinguish Leopard from Tiger, that make it 10.5! I’m a bit surprised they feel they need four months to get it done.

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page Pod Cast

  2. I don’t really care, as long as it’s not because of actual problem with either system, problems that have slowed things down or resulted in things having to be redone, then I am happy to wait and am not concerned. With Vista, regardless of your opinion of the end results, the delays were becuase the quality wasn’t there, they couldn’t get things working or finished in remotely the timescale involved, the delays were far more worrying.

  3. Apple has already gone on record and blamed iPhone for Leopard’s delay. Are we to accept that iPhone is completely innocent of impeding Leopard’s release and that our fatigued feline has been lazily dragging his paws? Hmm, everyone knows that cats sleep eighteen to twenty hours a day.

    Yeah, Ray, “Top Secret” must be an Apple euphemism for “We don’t have a clue what we plan to do next.” It seems that Apple just can’t keep up with the dreams and fantasies of Mac fans, regardless how inane and ridiculous the speculation. I almost feel sorry for Apple having to satisfy the delusions of the inpatient loonies that populate our planet.

  4. Maybe it is chip related (Yorkfield XE). Maybe these new chips improve Leopard’s “Top Secrete” features very very significantly or allow for another feature they did not expect to put in. Now with better speeds it is possible.

  5. It’s a matter of timing. Apple always makes announcements and releases products along a strategically planned time line to have maximum impact on the market. Lately, they were moving pretty rapidly, planing to reveal 10.5’s new features as they release 10.5, the iPhone, and new hardware and iLife all at once. Now they are pacing themselves, slowing down to let consumers catch their breath, spreading out their innovative products over a larger time scale. It may prove to be the smarter move in the long run.

  6. Suurrrre. That only begs the question why Apple raised expectations to begin with by overestimating the time to release for AppleTV and 10.5. An exaggeration is just a lie in fancy dress. I guess Apple didn’t learn much following the stock options fiasco that honesty and truthfulness are the foundation for ethical corporate responsibility.

  7. I just hope they still get Leopard out before Fista SP1. Microsucks will try everything they can to steal Apple’s limelight, including releasing a half-baked SP1 just to say, “see, we even got an update out before Apple could get their OS out.”

    Haven’t you ever noticed that every time Apple makes a big announcement that Microsucks comes out with their own announcement about something (even if it is just small potatoes) on the same day or the next day just to try to divert the media’s spotlight.

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