Apple’s latest Mac OS X Leopard build shows unified interface, buh-bye brushed-metal

Apple Store“The latest development build of Mac OS X Leopard [build 9A410] finally tackles issues with consistent style that many say have plagued the Apple software for years,” Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider.

Malley reports, “While most of the test versions of the future operating system have so far handled only the many bugs still left in its code, this week’s edition allegedly contains the first signs of obvious visual differences between itself and 2005’s Mac OS X Tiger.”

“The brushed-metal look that first appeared in earnest with Panther has almost completely faded away, according to reports. Well-known holdouts for the style, including Finder, Photo Booth, and Safari, have purportedly abandoned the metallic sheen in favor of the simpler, gradiated style that first appeared in Apple Mail 2.0 and later transferred to Leopard’s version of iChat and the more widely available iTunes 7,” Malley reports.

Full article with screenshots and links to more images here.

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  1. I think that whatever the appearance of the interface is – peopel wil both like it and hate it… it is a “just is” that will get changed and overlayed, etc… And if the inner workings are half as fab as promised – the appearance will be the last thing on most people’s minds. Unless they are pretty small minded. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> Then there will be squillions of letters to the editors about it.

  2. I never liked the brushed metal look, i like the itunes and mail look the best. Thats why i use a prog called UNO , which changes it from brush metal to itunes and mail. Can’t wait for the a consistant look throughout with lepoard

  3. Notice the “refresh” button loses it’s angled shadow? All graphics being replaced with gradients and vectors in order to bring in resolution independence. Zooming like on the iPhone. The brushed-metal graphics would blur, the new UI will stay crisp no matter now much it’s stretched.

  4. Yesssssssss! FINALLY!

    This is LONG overdue. Seeing constantly, actually inconsistantly appearing window styles has always been irksome. And yes, as a designer also getting work done, I’m sensitive to such visual disparities. Lots of us are, apparently.

    Anyway, I like both gradient style and brushed metal window styles… I’ve got a thing for stainless steel. My mountain bike, and kitchen counter top and plumbing fixtures are stainless. The newer gradient style is a little bland, but it probably will work better with resolution independence. Having ALL windows use the same style is STILL overdue.

    MDN Magic Word: PROGRESS… exactly!

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