eWeek’s Morgenstern: Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard delay is no big whoop

Apple Store“In the past, Apple mostly executed on its promises, but now it says that it will miss its spring target date for Mac OS X Leopard. That may disappoint some of its developers, but users—and even switchers—won’t likely care,” David Morgenstern writes for eWeek.

“Over the past month or so, the rumor that Apple would delay Mac OS X Leopard (v10.5) surfaced and then submerged and finally surfaced again, but this time with a legit press release from deep inside the Cupertino headquarters. The new ‘date’ for Leopard’s arrival is now in October,” Morgenstern writes.

Morgenstern writes, “Yet when the October date first surfaced, it wasn’t believed by most Apple insiders. The problem was that the reason given for the delay was Leopard’s dual-boot support for Windows Vista. This made no sense—Apple delay its new Mac OS X for Windows? Come on! Then this conjecture was sunk for good when Apple in late March released Beta 1.2 of Boot Camp, which supports 32-bit Vista. While October was correct, Apple on April 12 offered a different reason. According to Apple, testing of the iPhone required it to shift engineering and QA resources from the Mac OS X team away from Leopard testing and bug fixing,” Morgenstern writes.

Morgenstern writes, “Based on many hours sitting through recent Mac user group meetings here in San Francisco, I suggest that most Mac users aren’t clamoring for Leopard’s release. They look forward to it and some of its capabilities, but Tiger is working fine for them… At the same time, switchers from Windows won’t be troubled at all by Leopard’s slight delay. A few extra months is a much different story than Windows Vista, which was delayed for years.”

“What all users want from an update to any OS or app is a solid release. Of course, they understand that there are problems that crop up with any launch, but they want it to work right. If another four or five months of work will make Leopard better, then that’s what should be done,” Morgenstern writes.

Much more, including what technologies might be included in Mac OS X Leopard, in the excellent full article here.

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  1. Hasta La Vista!

    A four month delay is not long – and, if Apple have been sensible, it is longer than they think they need… No-one wants to see repeated delays a la Vista…

    It really ought to be hasta, hasta, hasta la vista…

  2. Apple is not like Windows which just to stay alive HAS to ship new versions of it’s cr@pware. Apple knows it’s users will just keep using their existing software. After all it actually works just fine.

  3. I’m content with Tiger. It’s better that Leopard be close to perfect, than almost finished and potentially incompatible with some current software and potentially unstable. This will give developers a few more months to polish their software, too! Bonus points for all!

    After all, Apple’s got to live up to it’s and the press’ hype. The better Leopard turns out the worse the comparisons of Vista to Leopard will be.

    The bug riddled mess that is Vista vs. the gleaming wonder of Mac OS X!

    Besides, we can wait because we ALL want new hardware! MacBook Pros, monitors, iMacs, iPhone and 6G iPods…

    Just show us some hot iron, Apple!

  4. Don’t forget that, in fact, Apple _will_ be releasing Leopard in June… just not on a Mac. (Does anyone really believe that the version of OS X running on the iPhone is based on Tiger, not Leopard?)

  5. Well  loses on the back to school sales which the glory of Leopard would have brought, but like anybody else now we just wait. I’m sure the iPhone will help with the wait, at least for those of us who will buy one (me me me).

    Man, I really wanted to see Leopard. It’s like having christmas cancelled. When I read the headline on most of the Mac sites I thought 3 ghz PPC all over again. We made it through that one and we will make it through this one.

    Man, I really wanted to see Leopard, how cool would the summer of 07 been with new Macs, Leopard, and the iPhone all in one feld swoop (hope thats the right term).

    Man I really wanted to see Leopard!!!

  6. Typing this on 9A410 (yesterday’s build). MUCH more stable, like whoa. Graphics bugs seem to be gone (Time Machine was a real doozy before) for the most part. It *feels* like a complete OS now. Significant progress, anyway. =)


    MW: ‘field’ (of memes)

  7. This is really not as big a deal at all. Four months is nothing, and at the very moment, there isn’t much we know about Leopard to feel like we’re losing out on anything.

    Of course after all is revealed at WWDC- well, then we can complain about how much we need it ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> .

  8. I think folks at Apple are losing sight of the fact that switchers don’t want to feel like they are being baited into buying a new computer and then paying $129 in the fall for the new operating system too.

    That’s the boat my co-worker is in. I talked him into buying a MacBook for his daughter’s graduation present and he was originally waiting until June to purchase the MacBook with Leopard, but now is unsure since he doesn’t want to feel like he’s getting old technology (their family has never used macs and don’t know how advanced Tiger is already).

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