Beleaguered Dell scraps plans for New York retail store

Apple Store“Dell has decided to halt plans to open up a second retail outlet outside New York City, several months after cautiously saying it would give it a try, a company spokesman said Wednesday,” Edward F. Moltzen reports for CRN.

“CRN learned that it appeared Dell was set to pull the plug on the New York store, and the company confirmed it Wednesday,” Moltzen reports.

“The rollout of two retail locations [Dallas, New York] was considered a first entry by Dell back into a retail market it exited several years ago after limited, if any, success,” Moltzen reports. “As was planned for the West Nyack, N.Y. outlet , the Dallas store doesn’t stock inventory but assists customers in ordering products from Dell and getting help with technical issues.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Robert” for the heads up.]
The contrast ratio between Dell and Apple continues its run to infinity.

As we wrote in our MacDailyNews Take on May 30, 2006 regarding Dell’s retail effort, “This classic Dell experiment has ‘failure’ stamped all over it.”

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  1. Apparently Michael needs to apply a tactic of boardroom communication that involves a series of ‘farts and tap-dances’.

    So long, Kurt. We’re gonna miss you.
    See you on Tralfamadore.-

    Kilgore Trout

  2. Dell stores are dumb in concept and appearance.

    Hey I got a idea!

    Lets break Dell up and give it back to the shareholders, in little pieces, much like the Delldude breaks up his “buds” before smoking them.

    “Dude, you going to get a cell”


  3. Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell

    There !

    Just like Chrissy woulda wanted it .. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Let’s see one store and no products at that store
    No profits or some profits who know but the accountants
    now we going to try another system and chips
    we brought Alienware for what we still don’t know
    We hired bunch of bottomfeeder who don’t know much about computers, but have a good track record in their fields of work
    We even have a sign hanging on the build on Palmer Lane saying that Dell is hiring 500 engineers for what we don’t know. since we copy everything
    And Mike going to pull the company of the hole.
    What a f@cking ass
    Look like another empty building for Austin pay for

    Oh by the way Mike did you do your taxes yet? or are you filing for a extension, reason why cause of the investigation or are you paying the shareholder with your money to kept the company happy NOT

  5. > As was planned for the West Nyack, N.Y. outlet , the Dallas store doesn’t stock inventory…

    What…? Didn’t Dell learn from Gateway’s mistake? The primary advantage of a physical store over ordering online is instant gratification. Sure, people go to the Apple Store just to “look around” and then go order the Mac from with free shipping, no sales tax, and a $200 rebate. But a lot of novice computer users (and impatient customers with money) will go in and walk out with a Mac. You can take orders and offer tech support with a booth in a mall. What’s the point of having a “store” if you don’t stock inventory?

    Well, I guess they did learn something from Gateway? Dell is pulling the plug now, instead of waiting for the venture to be a failure.

  6. Let’s see… I can sit down at my computer in my home and order a Dell online, or I can get dressed, drive to the Dell store and sit with some geek looking over my shoulder while I order online…

    Geez, no wonder that model failed!

  7. Dell needs a serious change in strategy to stay alive. Since they can’t use OS X, why not sell computers with Linux? A company like Dell should have the resources to set up and distribute a very user-friendly and feature packed distro, and make sure it’s on supported hardware and tested and running smoothly. The Linux community has already done most of the work for them! All they would have to do is properly package it together with the hardware, and do some minor modifications and quality assurance. It wouldn’t be as good as Mac OS X, but it sure would be cheaper, and a hell of a lot better then Windows. Trying to sell machines with Windows Vista is just a loser strategy.

  8. @Gurry

    Dell have announced plans to do just that…

    However, the Microsoft operating system problems are not Dell’s problems. HP have MS also – and their sales are up.

    Dell’s issues have to do with plucking the low-hanging fruit. There is only so much low-hanging fruit. And only so many pluckers.

    Plucking plain for all to see really…

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  9. Dell is and always will be a mail order junk pc company.

    They have know value in the high street retail environment and do not know how to operate in that workspace.

    They see Apple selling shitloads of macs in the high street and think they can just do the same.

    The main thing is that people WANT to buy Apple macs and products – wheras NO ONE WANTS TO BUY a Dell pc.

  10. For Dell to start making any money they need to create a new brand that could potentially have the brand values of Apple’s brand. The brand could represent quality, style and would compete with the Sony vio brand space.

    Even if they could do this, it takes many years to create a brand that is worth anything to the consumer.

    I took Coca Cola 30 years! – so what chance has Dell got… NONE!

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