Windows-centric tech reporter’s crystal ball shows stampede to Apple Mac

Apple Store“For years on this section’s tech pages… I’ve been the Windows guy,” Dwight Silverman reports for The Houston Chronicle. “And even though I recently bought a MacBook, it will stay that way for a while. The vast majority of computer users own Windows-based PCs. I live to serve them.”

Silverman reports, “I’ve never been one to make predictions. I learned very early in my journalistic career that making pronouncements about the future may look wise but, more often than not, it’s quite foolish… But, I am going to go out on a limb here.”

“Vista has been out for a while now… To use a trendy word overused by online cynics, Vista isn’t so much ‘Wow!’ as Microsoft advertises, as it is ‘Meh,'” Silverman reports.

Silverman reports that he hears “from more and more Windows users who are thinking about getting a Mac when they buy their next computer. In my immediate sphere, I know of four people who’ve bought a Mac since I got my MacBook — that’s just in a couple of months time.”

“When I go into an Apple Store, I try to spend time eavesdropping on sales conversations. Again, this is anecdotal, but almost all the discussions I’ve overheard between customers and sales reps have been about the differences between Windows and the Mac OS. These are Windows users actively shopping for Mac desktops and notebooks. And Apple’s stores are packed these days,” Silverman reports. “Try it yourself. Head down to your nearest Apple retail outlet this weekend. You’ll be amazed at what you hear.”

“Here’s my prediction: There’s a major shift coming. Microsoft may have blown it with Windows Vista, leaving it vulnerable in the marketplace,” Silverman reports. “The Mac is about to make dramatic inroads in the consumer market, partly because it can also run Windows. That’s a comfort zone for those who are interested in switching, and it’s Apple’s not-so-secret weapon. Windows users will come for what they know, but they’ll stay because of the Mac OS.”

More in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Shinobi” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Embrace and extinguish.

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  1. People are getting tired of spending their hard earned money to buy a $1,000 computer that is nothing more than a digital billboard for Microsoft and its cronies to spy on you, serve up ads to you, and just make your computing life full of headaches and suffering.

    People are finally beginning to realize the nirvana that is called Macintosh.

  2. Actually What I read/see in trends is that browsers (yes browsers) will take over for most everything a OS can do.

    EFI based computers can allow for this to happen because it makes the OS rather irrelvant.

    EFI is a powerful firmware level that loads before the OS (or a browser) does.

    Of course comes the problem of getting OEM installs of hardware with a browser OS only.

    But the future may be that people can download a browser of their choice and apps run inside that and dump the primary OS.

    This will allow further competition and improvement without being tied to hardware.

  3. To answer my own question, if browsers do take over instead of OS’s, Apple’s of course would be the very best and therefore negate the competition possiblitiy.

    Of course Apple would tie it to their own hardware to generate sales.

    But that doesn’t mean someone couldn’t copy it for generic PC’s.

    Darn, it’s only Wed. Ok I’ll shutup now.

  4. Of course, the truly foolish and delusional will continue to use Windows.

    A lot of people I know are fed up with Windows, but are hesitant to switch because they’re afraid of having to learn to use another operating system.

    What these people may not know is how friendly and knowledgeable employees are at both the Apple Stores and CompUSA. Apple needs to get the message out that it’s okay for people to come by their stores and ‘kick the tires’ on the machines. Advertise that they have free ‘switching to Mac’ classes and the like.

    The more geekish among computer consumers already know of Mac’s reputation and strong suits; Cupertino needs to get the message out to everyone else.

  5. Of course every one in an Apple store is switching from Windows. 95% of computer users are Windows users. And those 4% of Aplle users are the “creative type” that use macs because that’s what they use at work. Go to best buy and all the customers are Window’s users as well.

  6. A guy I work with just put Vista on his computer at home. He keeps saying it’s great…except the security prompts like in the commercial. But, I’m biting my tongue because I know this isn’t going to last. Every review I’ve read for Vista has been lukewarm at best, nothing special. The thing is, he used to program for Microsoft so I guess he’s used to all the bad code and maybe this is a step up for him! Best quote – ‘it has a really good feeling of just not being there’ referring to the OS and how it functions. I don’t believe it. I want to say so badly ‘then you’d love the macs!’

    Oh well.

  7. Glad to see Enuz trotted out the tired, old, 1990’s stereotype of Mac users. Good for you Enuz. But hey, it’s 2007… get with the times. On top of that, you misread the anecdote… WINDOWS users are switching to Mac. These aren’t Apple “creative” types buying computers, but WINBLOWS users.

  8. Isn’t majority market share what Microsoft always wanted? Stampede or not, Microsoft will be in business for a long time, but, it has to feel pretty hollow having the most, but not being the best.

    Why do you think Bill & Steve in Redmond seem so irritated in actions, statements and interviews lately?

    It’s quality, not quantity that matters.

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