Apple’s Boot Camp beta expiration date raises questions

Apple Store“Those considering setting up a Windows partition on a Mac using the test version of Apple’s Boot Camp might want to pay close attention to the licensing terms that accompany the beta software,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News.

Fried reports, “According to the terms, which are posted on Apple’s Web site, the software is licensed only until Apple comes out with a commercial release of Boot Camp, or until 30 September, whichever comes first.”

“Released as a public beta in April 2006, Boot Camp allows owners of Intel-based Macs to set up a separate Windows partition and boot into either Windows or the Mac OS. Apple updated the test software last month to add support for Windows Vista. The company has also said it will build a final version of the software into the next Mac OS release, dubbed Leopard and due out later this spring,” Fried reports.

Fried reports, “The rub is that Apple has not said whether it will issue a final version of Boot Camp for Tiger users, though there have been rumours that Apple will offer a paid Tiger version of Boot Camp.”

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Apple Macs Do Windows Too:


  1. that will suck ass for those that have it installed and don’t plan on buying the new OS or waiting for it and have bought the Mac already. but, I think that Apple will do something about this, I don’t think they’ll leave people high and dry or anything

  2. meh, just release a final version for Tiger and charge $5.99 (it’ll cover some development costs)

    bitch about it if you want…. but you did pay $160 for XP to run with Boot Camp didnt you? So whats another $6

  3. i think most people didn’t actually pay for that xp installation when they got their mac. illegal as it is, they probably took their windows disc from their dell pc they used to have and used that install… logical. no one is going to pay to use windows on their mac if they are only a regular consumer. you can call microsoft and tell them you “reformatted” and they will give you a new key.
    i’m just pointing out that piracy is way more prevalent than actually paying for software.

  4. You do not need bootcamp. All boot camp does is install a bootloader but you can use rEFit instead, and give a fancy interface for partitioning. It uses the diskutil command which you can use yourself in terminal. It was a firmware update and 10.4.6 that allowed you to run windows on your mac not bootcamp.

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