Apple TV soon to work with Slingbox, stream iTunes library to mobile devices like iPhone?

Apple Store“The hacker-magnet that is the Apple TV seems destined to for stardom. Only a few weeks after launch, the thing has generated a ridiculous amount of buzz for a box that really doesn’t do that much in it’s un-hacked form,” Charlie Sorrel blogs for Wired.

Sorrel writes, “In an interview with CNET, Brian Jaquet from Sling Media has confirmed that they are are in the process of testing their Slingbox with the Apple TV. This will let you stream anything in your iTunes library to a mobile device via the internet.”

“The iPod’s success was due in large part to the vertical integration of the player and iTunes, and later the iTunes Store. When the iPhone ships later this year, could this be the next part of the plan? ITunes streaming directly to iPhone? The technology is certainly there, and Apple have proved that they are the masters of delivering this kind of thing in an easy to use way,” Sorrel writes.

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Dave Zatz blogs, “Yes, I can confirm this is accurate. (I work for Sling Media.) The Slingbox currently supports over 3,000 AV devices (cable boxes, DVRs, DVD players, etc) via IR and we’ve got many more in the pipeline. For Apple TV, you’d use the component pass-thru on a Slingbox Pro with HD Connect to remotely view, or listen, to your content. Our SlingPlayer software (computer and mobile) offers an audio-only mode, so we’re not just talking iTV video here… Select an iTunes playlist, switch to audio-only if you’d like (reducing bandwidth), and listen to your music anywhere you’ve got Internet. I don’t have anything to say on availability other than we’re currently in testing and it is coming…”

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  1. “Brian Jaquet from Sling Media has confirmed that they are are in the process of testing their Slingbox with the Apple TV. This will let you stream anything in your iTunes library to a mobile device via the internet.”

    Huh. And which part of this requires AppleTV, of all things? Streaming from my Mac to my phone makes sense – why would AppleTV be needed in this equation?

  2. “Access to all your computers content via iPhone when connected to any WiFi hot spot.”

    Sounds great… 10 years from now. Currently, even email and IM will hog up most WiFi spots. Streaming audio or video? No way.

    But I can definitely imagine, once The Net is wide and fast enough, iPods working more like AppleTV – stored content for always-on, no-buffering access, streaming of everything else.

  3. neven–

    Because at that point, your computer wouldn’t have to be part of the equation. Perhaps they’re anticipating the ability to buy iTunes material directly from Apple TV. If that were the case, then Slingbox could be used to view that content, on the go, without unnecessarily taking up space on your computer’s hard drive.

  4. I’ve got a SlingBox AV. Wish I could say I love it. The front-end software is a resource hog – I think it should run on less than half the resources it take now, not including network resources of course – it needs all it can get of that.

    Granted their OS X software is STILL beta, but if its a sign of the final versions I’m not lovin it. Its not supposed to run on anything less than 800 or so MHz, I think that’s rediculous. I stream video onto my Dual G4 from my iTunes purchases with only occasional hiccups, and iTunes itself runs great, but Slingbox for OS X – With the window in it’s smallest state it can barely provide a consistantly jerky picture on my Dual G4 450MHz. On my wife’s iMac Core-Duo, it does not like something, we can’t figure out what, about Front Row. After running Slingbox on her computer it disables all of her expose settings.

    I’ve never been able to get it to stream video outside of my home LAN, even after following, to the letter, all of the online instructions for my given device. I sent a request for assistance in – nada.

    The thing I dislike the most, its basically impossible to provide any real feedback to their “beta” releases. How do they know how they’re doing?

    But kudos on making work with TV.

  5. ‘useless box’??

    i love how these geeks actually think Apple did not intend for this thing to be hacked.

    remember when they switched to intel and people started running windows on a mac?

    duh! didn’t see that coming!

  6. Yeah U gotta thunk

    Apple TV does seem like the odd device out in a Slingbox / iPhone equation.

    But I guess the guiding philosophy here is:

    What’s good for Apple TV is good for iPhone and not that they would both
    serve the same function in relationship to the Slingbox.

  7. Q: Streaming from my Mac to my phone makes sense – why would AppeTV be needed in this equation?

    A: Because not everybody wants to fill up their computers’ hard drive with entertainment-based files. Once Apple releases an (apple)TV with a sufficient amount of hard drive space (or you buy an after market “upgraded” model or if (apple)TV’s are compatible with SAN devices), the computer’s drive space and processing cycles can be left to serve what it should be serving – your work.

    To think people were being served MultiMedia PC to do the (simple) task of playing back media. Hmmm… This (apple)TV is growing on me… maybe the 2G model…

  8. iTunes Mobile will arrive sooner than expected, and this is where slingbox, and other content tools become useless (save for live show streaming – which is basically all about Sports and News).

    Microsoft and Apple are heading in two different directions, and it sould not be to anyone’s surprise, Apple has picked the correct path.

    Microsoft thinks they need to sell another box with Windows on it, throw a ton of hard drives in it and call it Home Media Server…
    1. It will cost a ton from it’s HW partners.
    2. No one will want to manage this bug infested Server (no matter how “easy” it is to use).
    3. It won’t work seamlessly with all the different hardware and Windoze versions out in the wild.

    Apple understands the storeage crunch.
    1. HD content will crush hard drive space.
    2. Laptops are behind the times in storage space, and people continue to move to laptops in droves.

    Thus why not make conent provisions like Podcasting?

    Apple TV has some of this setup within it, but it will be taken to another level within iTunes.

    Have 20 HD movies and no hard drive space left? That’s okay, just check the movies you want access to via iTunes mobile and there you go.

    Want to only keep the last 5 movies you purchased on your local HD and keep the rest in iTunes Mobile? Great.

    Apple knows what you have purchased, so those movies, TV shows, music, etc… can be downloaded to your computer or stored in iTunes Mobile.

    On the road and want to watch the latest movie you just purchased but forgot to download it to your iPod from iTunes? No worries, the iPod is mated with its home computer, and this info is back-channeled to iTunes in the sky. Just take the iPod HD (6G iPod), and connect via wifi and stream that movie, or any content that is not locally stored on the iPod.

    The catch? Pipes. All this bandwidth for streaming content down to Apple TV’s, PC’s, iPods, iPhones, will require Apple forking out $$$, which will require the consumer to fork out $$$.

    The only plausable solution will be a monthly subscription fee for iTunes Mobile. Apple is not against monthly fees as .Mac plays this game, but unless one wants to pay each time they download content, a subscription fee is about the only way to handle such bandwidth requirements.

  9. I really missed how exactly subscriptions are going to single handed pay for the increase in $$$ Apple will need to charge to cover bandwidth needs.

    I am not dead-set against iTunes subscriptions AS LONG AS we can still choose to pay as we go. Subscriptions, it seems, inevitably lead to “packages” of service which I really really do not want to see iTMS get into. I want to be able to pay for and download ONLY the content that I choose, nothing more and nothing less. The only way this is guaranteed is pay-as-you-go. It can work with subscriptions, but the temptation to the provider to start creating “packages” of content type is usually overwhelming, and for this reason I resist subscriptions.

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