Longtime Windows sufferer switches to Apple Mac: ‘I’ll never buy another PC’

Apple Store“I’ve been a Microsoft Windows user since Windows 3.1. I remember the day I upgraded to Windows 95 and it felt like going from the stone age to the iron age – the Start Menu seemed like a great idea and it looked fantastic – my world was changed forever. I’ve been using Windows ever since and as soon as the latest version – Windows Vista – was released, I installed it and started using it day-to-day,” John Conners (developer of John’s Background Switcher (Windows-only), among other apps) blogs for John’s Adventures.

Fast forward a bit and Conners writes, “Quite frankly, I’ll never buy another PC. Everything they say about Macs is true – ‘it just works.’ You get so used to having to tweak Windows to get things to work correctly, from graphics cards to the registry to a hundred other things. Not so on the Mac.”

Conners writes, “You get lots of useful, creative software bundled with a Mac, called iLife. The software all integrates really well and lets you create music using Garage Band (there are hundreds of loops you can use to create very professional music – oh, and you can sing or record your own instruments too), manage and edit your photos in iPhoto, play music in iTunes, make movies with iMovie and there’s a host of other things that are fun and creative. The software is very well thought out and easy to use, taking the power of great GUI design to a level I’ve never seen before on Windows. For the first time in a long time I’ve felt a surge of creativity since getting my Mac – suddenly I want to try and write music, create a movie and do a whole bunch of other things I’d never have thought about on a PC.”

“So far I’ve managed to persuade one friend to buy himself a Mac and you might be next! The thing is, you just need to sit down and use one for 5 minutes to realise that you’ll never want to go back to a PC again. Do believe the hype,” Conners writes.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Welcome, John!

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  1. Woooo Hooooo MDN, what a SCOOP!!!!

    Hey, I started using DOS in 1982 before switching to a Mac in 2004 (for home only)!

    Maybe we can alert the media!!!!! BIG news stories you’re reporting!

  2. John is apparently a Windows developer with a sizable customer base. If your buddy Skeezer who bought a MacBook isn’t, that’s why John’s case is on MDN and Skeezer’s isn’t.

  3. Why did you buy the PC machines you are replacing in the first place. As an OG mac user, never wasted money on PC’s that would off set this so called ‘high priced’ mac Hardware. Its not high priced when you realize its value.

  4. I am so tired of the term PC being used to describe windows machines – it’s misleading. Now even Apple’s doing it….

    Every single instance of “PC” in the article above should be replaced with “Windows Computer” –



    (Apple makes the best Personal Computers)

  5. Sunlokyee

    tell me about it,

    I switched last July, iMac 20″, was going to hand me down the HP to one of the kids, instead bought a mini and used the moniter, since then we have just purchased our 3rd MacBook, wife and 2 kids in University.

    I am actually dreading the release of the iPhone

  6. It’s alllllllllll happening according to plan. Steve’s plan, that is.

    It’s so enjoyable to see. Truly, we can say we all were alive when the worm started to turn . . . and grow.

    And speaking of worms starting to grow, it’s time for me to go “git buzy wit my hubby.”


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