Apple iPod takes a bullet in Iraq, saves U.S. Army soldier’s life

“According to a picture posted on Flickr, one lucky U.S. Army soldier was saved by his iPod after the music player took a bullet from an AK-47. Kevin Garrad with the 3rd Infantry Division was patrolling the streets of Iraq when he rounded a corner and went face to face with a gun-toting insurgent. Gun fire was exchanged and Garrad was hit in the chest. The insurgent was killed,” Humphrey Cheung reports for TG Daily.

Cheung reports, “At point blank range an AK-47 round is devastating and has a decent chance of passing through the Interceptor body armor vests used by Army soldiers, but the iPod apparently slowed the bullet enough to be stopped completely by Garrad’s vest.”

Full article with link to more and larger versions of photos here.

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  1. I’m glad the guy is OK, but I think that iPod deserves the Medal of Honor, a Purple Heart, and a burial in Arlington.

    From the comments I’ve read it looks like Apple will be sending him a new one.

  2. “Don’t think I would be listening to an iPod in a combat zone. Maybe he was just carrying it.”

    “Soldiers often take iPods, MP3 players, portable gaming consoles and other electronic devices to reduce the boredom that often comes from being stationed overseas.”

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