Why iPhone could be more than worth Apple’s price

Apple Store“How do you sell 10 million [iPhones] if no one wants to buy at the price you’re selling? The answer, I think, lies in a little-noticed feature in the iPhone: Wi-Fi,” Tim Beyers writes for The Motley Fool.

MacDailyNews Note: Beyer’s thoughts on iPhone’s Wi-Fi are interesting, but before we give you a taste, a few more than “no one” want to buy Apple’s iPhone: AT&T has received 1 million Apple iPhone inquiries so far – March 27, 2007

Beyers continues, “Early coverage of the phone’s prospective features rightly gave little credence to this feature. It’s not like Wi-Fi is available everywhere. And try logging onto the Internet from a handheld device the next time you’re at Starbucks. Not exactly easy, is it?”

“Expect the iPhone to change that. Mac OS X, after all, usually sniffs out and easily connects Macs to Wi-Fi hotpsots. The OS X-powered iPhone will too. And mixing in a Safari browser that can operate in widescreen mode should make signing on to a premium Web service, at worst, manageable,” Beyers writes. “But if it’s a breeze, $600 could look cheap. Why? Skype.”

“What’s a Wi-Fi phone? It’s a device that allows you to make Skype calls without a computer. Instead, it uses a Wi-Fi connection to log on to the Web and into your Skype account. From there, software recreates the Skype interface to give users a working phone,” Beyers writes.

Beyers writes, “Skype on the iPhone could give users that without the angst of relying on VoIP as a line replacement. Would that be worth $600? At least — and that’s just one feature.”

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  1. Me, I’d rather use iChat.

    I’m actively worried, though, that Apple is knuckling under to AT&T by not installing iChat on the iPhone.

    And there may not be very desirable, simple alternatives to iChat (including Skype–can you really use it through a browser, with no downloaded application?).

  2. It won’t let you use skype unless skype is authorized to develop an application for the phone, which is unlikely. But, it will accept Jajah, because that is internet based.

  3. TOWERTONE is right on. Apple is hyper-aware of its products. It knows it can’t blatantly add an application that will directly compete with AT&T’s service, but it also knows that third parties will generally find a way to fill any voids in features. Look at the situation with cds vs itunes and DRM. He’s perfectly open about the abilities to remove the DRM from a track. He knows its easy to figure out how to get other movies onto aTV, etc. He just can’t subvert the wishes of his partners himself.

  4. Mark: JAJAH still uses your iPhone minutes sadly, if you’re calling within the USA there is no benifit to using JAJAH. Skype on the other hand through WiFi would not use your plan minutes at all.

    The big problem with this article is that Apple has stated that there will be no way to install 3rd party applications on the iPhone. Unless they chnage their tune, this is going to make a device with huge potential, into just another crippled device from “The Phone Company”.

  5. The little unknown secret is:

    That the iPhone would soon be connectable to mobile video glasses (myvu) and portable mini projectors. Also a stylus will be able to be used on the iPhone screen.

    Most people can kiss their laptop goodbye.

    You see, Apple knows that processors can’t get any more powerful without keeping them cool enough to fit into a laptop case. In fact I have it good info that Apple was attempting everything possible to introduce liquid cooling into their laptops but the technology is just not there.

    So now we are going to see a switch, usage of small portable devices like the iPhone for portable needs and bringing work home to the big Mac Octocore with 30″ screen.

    In fact Apple Remote Desktop will be expanded to be used on the iPhone.

    Yes, you will be able to control your Octocore Mac Pro monster from your iPhone.

    Imagine that.

  6. So… I’m gonna pay $60+/mo for a wireless plan so I could have Skype on my iPhone and make… phone calls? Why not call from the phone itself?

    Ok, ok, people will unlock the phone or use Skype to call Indonesia. All 8 of them.

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