Net Applications: Apple’s Mac ‘market share’ declines slightly to 6.08% in March 2007

“Although up 39 Percent from March 2006, Mac OS market share as measured by market research firm Net Applications (Market Share) shows that Mac OS market share declined by 4.7 percent in March 2007. The total Mac OS X market share percentage for March 2007 comes in at 6.08 percent [vs. 6.38% in February]. The decline is the first monthly drop since June 2006,” Switch To A Mac reports.

Percent Increases
• Up 39.1 percent since March 2006
• Up 78.3 percent since March 2005
• Up 72.7 percent since April 2005 (Mac OS X Tiger launched April 29, 2005)

Switch To A Mac reports, “The 39 percent year-over-year increase for March 2007 has slowed coming in below the 48 percent growth observed in the first two months of 2007… Note that Net Applications splits Mac operating system data into two groups, ‘Mac OS’ and ‘MacIntel.’ ‘MacIntel’ represents Intel builds of the Mac OS X operating system… Mac OS comes in at 3.94 percent operating system share (down from Feb 2007’s 4.29 percent) while MacIntel is reported to have 2.14 percent market share (up from Feb 2007’s 2.09 percent).”

“Note that Vista jumped to 2.04 percent in March 2007, up from February’s 0.93 percent,” Switch To A Mac reports.

More in the full article, with graphs, here.

MacDailyNews Note: Last year showed very slight increase (basically flat) in Mac “market share” from February (4.31%) to March (4.37%) 2006. In 2005, February clocked in at 3.37% vs. March’s 3.41%. This is likely a seasonal occurrence. One month does not a trend make.

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  1. This is the percentage of people browsing websites, so small increases in anticipation of Leopard don’t make sense. If people are waiting to upgrade, this will not impact these stats at all. These are cumulative measures of the amount of time people are using Macs to surf the web. Upgrading a machine wouldn’t increase this number unless a new Mac person bought your old one. This number correlates with how many Macs are being used right now.

    On a similar note of small market share, currently, a small percentage of distributed computing is done by Macs – somewhere on the order of 2.6%. I know the number of Macs out there is higher than that (this article mentions 6 percent), so let’s show them that we are not as stingy as we currently appear to be.

    Register, download, install and run it at:

    I have setup a team here called “Mac Daily News” that you can join. Currently, we are processing about 5 days worth of processing per calendar day. I am sure we can get that number much higher if you join.

  2. @Quevar

    Presumably people put off buying PCs until Vista was released. When they bought new PCs their old ones presumably got handed down to someone else, increasing market share for Windows, and decreasing share for Mac…

  3. It’s called Leapard[sic]….

    Many of us are waiting for Leopard.

    While some first-time computer purchasers and switchers may be putting off a Mac purchase in anticipation of Leopard, I think this effect is rather small. I don’t think you guys (and gals) realize that most people just don’t follow this stuff very closely. My wife wants a new iMac, and I told her that we need to wait until Leopard is released. She looked at me like I was an alien. All she knows is that an iMac is cute and that the stuff that shows up on the screen looks different from her current computer.

    Here’s my opinion. Mac sales haven’t slowed down much (at least according to the completely unbiased MDN!!), but Mac users are now able to run Windows on their Mac and access the internet through a Windows browser. The statistics can be explained by Mac users who own Apple hardware, but are running Windows some of the time.

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