EU says music labels force Apple to limit iTunes Store access

Apple Store“Major record companies are forcing Apple to curtail access to iTunes online stores across borders, leading to higher prices and less choice, the European Commission said on Tuesday,” David Lawsky reports for Reuters.

“The EU executive sent formal charges to Apple and the major record companies last week because consumers can only buy iTunes in their own countries and cannot shop around for cheaper prices and a broader catalogue in other states. ‘Our current view is that this is an arrangement which is imposed on Apple by the major record companies and we do not see a justification for it,’ Commission spokesman Jonathan Todd told reporters,” Lawsky reports.

Lawsky reports, “The world’s major record companies are Vivendi’s Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, EMI Group and Warner Music Group… ‘Apple are the managers of the iTunes store. It’s true that the focus is the major record companies,’ Todd said.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill M” for the heads up.]

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  1. and in other news, astronaughts onboard the international space station hear the worlds loudest ‘well dur’ believed to be the first words to be heard coming from the planet earth

  2. Just when I think I’ve seen the most incredible display of mental vacuity, the EU beats it. My only question is “How many hours did it take and how much money did it cost for them to figure out the obvious?” The answer would be quite depressing, I’m sure. Next up, the EU will to attempt to prove that fire is hot!

  3. The major record companies in question are as American as Apple.

    Apple clearly isn’t at fault, but they get dragged in because of their association with the record companies. Consider it a limitation of the various legal systems.

  4. Yeah well, I want to shop the international iTunes Stores, too. Also, it pisses me off bigtime that I can’t use my American credit card to shop the iTunes Store here in Canada. And yes, I do believe it’s the fault of the record companies because Apple is more than happy to accept that same card for non-iTunes Store related purchases.

    Maybe this inquiry will do some good.

  5. “We don’t see any justification for it…” I do. It’s called making more profits, duh. But government agencies and the ilk that runs them don’t get this.

    What consumers want is one thing, what they get is another. Of course, this is always twisted to what consumers “demand” which is a false-hood, as consumers can’t truly “demand” anything.

    Sure, an iTunes for all of EU would be great I suppose, but it isn’t necessary, and unless something illegal is going on, I don’t see why labels should be forced into merging all countries together, and acting like it is one market, since they are not all one country but the EU likes to make them as such – thus gaining more power and control over them…

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  7. actually why hadn’t they done anything about record companies practices throught Europe before this. These companies have been doing this for years.

    I guess adding another deep pocket doesn’t hurt when they want to impose fines.

    mw: most as in Apple has the most to give

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