Daedalus Capital CIO: Apple Inc. will hit $200 per share in 2007

“Apple Inc. is special. Apple has a culture of innovation. Apple gets it right the first time. Apple delivers simplicity and elegance in its designs. Apple is old enough and big enough to compete with any other company in the world. The sum of all of this is great implementation of a consistent vision: enrich the customer experience,” Stephen Coleman writes for SeekingAlpha.

“The Apple Stores, the iPods, the MacTel computers, the iTunes Music Store, the OS X operating system, Apple TV and the iPhone all deliver the great user experience those of us in the Apple world covet and demand. We know that excellence is on the way. We buy without pause. That is why Apple Inc. is going to deliver outstanding results this year and why the stock will hit $200 per share,” Coleman writes.

More in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Stephen M. Coleman is the Founder and majority shareholder of Daedalus Capital, L.L.C., where he has served as the Chief Investment Officer since 1994. He was formerly employed for four years by Prudential Securities as a Portfolio Manager. Mr. Coleman formed and is President of Chicken Little Fund Group, Inc., a mutual fund management company for Chicken Little Growth Fund (“CHKNX”), and also serves as General Partner of ALPHA Strategy Fund, L.P., a development stage aggressive growth equity fund. His prior financial experience includes working at Salomon Brothers, Drexel Burnham Lambert, and acting as President of a real estate syndicator in Miami, FL.


  1. come on now, i love the enthusiasm, but seriously. that would imply a market capitalization of about $180 billion and they will earn $3-3.5 billion this year, or a valuation of 51 times the higher earnings figures. This is absurd. If it happens, i will love it, but it just will not. I would be happy to sell him my shares at $200 anytime in 2007.

  2. The number’s enticing, but I don’t want the stock to be THAT volatile, in either direction. Investors already use AAPL to play games– quick profits here and there. If it rockets up to $200, expect a huge sell-off. Too much roller coaster.

  3. @R

    If you own Apple shares as an invesment, you are irrational if you wouldn’t want the share price to go to $200 within 12 months. Any money manager would kill for a 100% return in a year. You just have to know when to sell and take your profits.

    Investors do not “play games” with Apple stock (except for the analysts who work for the short sellers ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> ). As a stock trader, the only way to make money is with volatility. If the price doesn’t move, how do you make a profit?

    If you don’t want to miss a peak, just put in a limit order at a target price of your choosing. That way you won’t miss it if you are on vacation the day it spikes. You just have to be careful and watch the limit prices and adjust it up or down as expectations change.

    Also, if you are holding the stock just because it is “Apple” and you are in it for emotional reasons, the stock price doesn’t matter as you won’t make a trade when you should. Hopefully it is not your retirement money.

    If you want to buy something Apple for emotional reasons, buy a computer or iPod, not the stock.

  4. Yeah, well, Microsoft got it right the first time with Zune and I don’t hear anyone but the IT guys at work talk about it. That’s okay. Microsoft is lying in wait to pounce on Apple big time with Zune II. I can feel the pressure now. Silent but deadly.

    Microsoft stock will be trading at $201 a share. Take that, Apple losers.

    Your potential. Our passion.

  5. Poon Tang,

    It actually is supposed to be “Our potental, Your passion” Microsoft is so belittling. Altho, “Our potential, Your frustration” seems to fit more often than not.

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