CoolTechZone: ‘Apple iPhone nothing more than a temporary novelty that will eventually wear off’

Apple Store“I have to ask one question from Apple, if I may. What’s up with the sheer arrogance in regards to iPhone? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. The lack of presence at last week’s CTIA tradeshow was purely disgusting and an insult to the entire industry. Sure, I guess I can understand the magical feel you are going for, Steve Jobs style, but to barely showoff the iPhone at the wireless industry’s largest tradeshow was downright pathetic,” Gundeep Hora, CoolTechZone’s Editor-in-Chief, writes.

Hora writes, “It’s great that you are quite possibly the only company to pull off something like this successfully, but it doesn’t make it any less annoying. Not to mention, Jobs, didn’t your PR people recommend you to show off the iPhone at CTIA? Personally, I wouldn’t be too arrogant at this point, especially considering the fact that the iPhone is going to be nothing more than a temporary novelty that will eventually wear off.”

“Had you let the industry (press, analysts and competitors) experience the iPhone throughout CTIA, maybe you may have realized the idiocy behind the $599 price tag, and the phone’s lack of usefulness. Clearly, it’s not designed for business users, and very few average consumers, mainly teenagers (the seemingly obvious target market of the iPhone), will have the budget to invest in a ludicrously priced cell phone,” Hora writes.

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Waaa! Apple didn’t show up at a show featuring outmoded tech that suddenly looks hopelessly dated! Apple insulted the entire wireless industry! Waaa!

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  1. Besides they couldn’t think of this stuff before , so expect nothing new from them as they spend most of their time in court.

    A good point. Certain tech elements are falling all over themselves to pretend the iPhone has no compelling features, yet if it’s feature set is so pedestrian, why has no manufacturer offered the seamless OS integration, multitouch interface, true web browsing and full MP3 functionality?

    They just can’t. As long as the industries associated with data, it’s presentation and access to same try to ape Microsoft, there will be no room for innovation and certainly no revolutionary ideas.

  2. Apple received more press for 30 seconds of iPhone with AT&T’s CEO than all of the other new and coming phones combined.

    Apparently this guy needs to learn a little about marketing and performing – always leave ’em wanting more!

  3. MDN take is dead on, BUT they left out that Apple did the other phone manufacturers a favor by not showing up.

    The way it sits now, they have 2-2.5 months to sell their outdated ancient crap technology. Had Apple shown up in force, they other vendors/ manufacturers would have had a SERIOUS problem moving their stuff. Apple showed a little mercy by giving them another 2 months.

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