CNBC video: Apple CEO Steve Jobs and EMI Group CEO Eric Nicoli

CNBC has posted video of Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, and Eric Nicoli, EMI Group CEO, discussing their partnership on DRM-free, high-quality music downloads:

Watch it here.

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  1. so, it seems to me..Steve is more focused on iTunes and interoperability — vs. iPod/iTunes only….the iPod has sold millions of player, but with new players entering the market, I don’t expect the iPod growth rate to be on par with previous years….I expect quite the oppisite….I wouldn’t be surprised if in this phase of “DIGITAL MUSIC REVOLUTION”, we steer away from the iPod craze to ????

  2. I think it matters not so much for Apple if the music is set free, as he stated, they will continue to create the best player and the best store….regardless if the music is free, or if it was stolen or wherever it came from, people will want an ipod to carry it around in, and that is where Apple makes its profit, the ipod.

  3. Business suiside? What the guy is talking about? What about the 90% of music shipped without DRM? Was he even listening to Jobs? How difficult it is to rip the CD and share it on the web? Apple is just leveling the playing field and making it easier for people to buy legal music.

    MW: “steps”. This is just the first step.

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