Full Mac OS X running on Apple TV (with video)

A complete replacement to the Mac OS X kernel has been built by Hackint0sh.org collaborating with AppleTVHacks.net which allows the full version of Mac OS X to be run on an Apple TV.

“Semthex wrote a processor emulation for the kernel, to sidestep the hardware restrictions that previously disallowed Mac OS X from running on the Apple TV. AppleTVHacks.net was only too happy to help out, and when it turned out we needed more testers we launched a competition to get some. Within hours we had hundreds of eager Apple TV hackers submit entries. Several hours of testing and refining later and our tester, gimli, managed to follow the steps to get Mac OS X booting on his Apple TV,” AppleTVHacks.net.

AppleTVHacks.net has published the process that was used to turn the Apple TV into a full blown Mac OS X machine, including a link to Hackint0sh.org’s customised mach_kernel.prelink in the full article here.

Video of Apple TV running Mac OS X 10.4.8:

Say “Hello” to the world’s first $299 Mac featuring a 1GHz Intel processor () with 256MB DDR2 SDRAM.

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  1. I think that is great that folks are able to do that. Personally, I rather spend the extra money and just get a Mac Mini. However some people like to show it can be done. To the TV hacker community – congratulations.


  2. It’s still 11:25 March 31 CDT and the stupid April Fools fakes are already everywhere. April 1 hasn’t even started and already I can’t wait for it to be over.

  3. I am really happy that the AppleTV seems to be so “hackable”. I think as long as the hackers do not circumvent the DRM which Apple/Content Providers require to make the AppleTV/iTunes/iPod ecosystem operate, then Apple should indeed turn a blind eye to this activity in the hacker community.

    It is good for AppleTV’s image as a machine for all purposes and this will help sell many more boxes over time!


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