EMI and Apple CEO Jobs to unveil ‘exciting new digital offering’ in live Webcast, April 2 at 8am EDT

Apple Store“A troubled EMI Group plans to unveil what it is calling ‘an exciting new digital offering’ Monday with Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs,” Louis Hau reports for Forbes.

“If EMI isn’t planning to discuss the Beatles Monday, why else would Jobs be participating in the briefing? Another possibility is that EMI will discuss a new initiative regarding the easing of usage restrictions on music downloads,” Hau reports.

Hau reports, “EMI, the most deeply troubled of the major labels, is in bad need of a new game plan. It has scaled back its sales forecasts twice so far this year and undergone a painful restructuring that included the January departures of EMI Music Chairman and Chief Executive Alain Levy and Vice Chairman David Munns.”

“Representatives for EMI declined to comment. Apple representatives couldn’t immediately be reached for comment,” Hau reports. “A live audio Webcast of Monday’s EMI-Apple media briefing will be available at 8 a.m. Eastern time at http://www.emigroup.com/

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that “EMI Group PLC is set to announce Monday that it plans to sell significant amounts of its catalog without anticopying software [DRM]… through Apple’s iTunes Store and possibly through other online outlets.” The Wall Street Journal has a stellar record of correctly reporting day-before Apple-related announcements, correctly calling the addition of movies from Paramount Pictures to Apple’s iTunes Store and Apple’s teaming with Cingular [AT&T Wireless] on iPhone, for two recent examples.

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  1. why not just raise the price for the DRM-free and see if the geeks really will pay.

    My guess is 99 cent DRM laden songs will continue to sell through the roof, and the geeks will just pay 99 cents and put it on their iPods. And complain.

  2. If EMI does bring its catalog to iTunes DRM-free, I will support their efforts by favoring them in a manner that matters most; with my wallet.

    Hopefully, DRM-free music on the iTS will also lead to higher bit-rates.

  3. Might be ‘friendly’ to put the time it’s showning in the actual country it’s in.

    1 p.m. local time in London (8 a.m. EDT). (1200 GMT).

    That way I don’t have to work out on my fingers the time it’s on in my own country : )

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