Beatles + iTunes? EMI to hold media event on Monday with special guest, Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Apple Store“EMI is to hold a media event on Monday with Apple boss Steve Jobs as special guest, prompting speculation that Beatles songs will finally go online,” BBC News reports. “None of the Beatles tracks are available to download on any online music service.”

“In an invite to media sent out on Sunday, EMI said it was announcing an ‘exciting new digital offering,'” The Beeb reports.

“There will also be a ‘special live performance’ at the London event by an unnamed artist or band,” The Beeb reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Daniel,” “Bob,” and “Dranoel” for the heads up.]

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  1. So wait, Wise, you’re going to go to war against the statement “no Beatles tunes are available” with “Cry for a Shadow?” lol… It’s a friggin’ instrumental three of them did originally as a backup track for another artist. Sheesh! lol

  2. Supposedly cnet checked with emi and they confirmed it’s not a joke but cannot provide further details.

    Already have beatles music but interested in solo career work by
    the members. Most greatest hits cd’s kinda suck.

  3. EMI to announce it is re-naming the entire label to ‘Apple Records’ and will begin to use the licensed Apple Inc. logo as its exclusive branding across all areas of its business. To launch the change, the entire Beatles catalogue will be available on iTunes. In a statement, EMI said it has decided to swap ‘Essex Music Industries’ as a name in preference to ‘Apple’ to better reflect the global nature of its business and the importance of digital distribution – of which Apple’s iTunes leads the world.

    April Fool.

  4. It’s not crazy enough to be an april fools joke. Business news? Beatles releasing their material on iTunes wouldn’t even really be News anyway.

    BTW, this is the BBC, are they likely to piss around w april fools jokes?

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